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NDRC – National Development and Reform Commission

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Infrastructure Investment in China

19 Jun 2014 Bulletin – June 2014
Kelsey Wilkins and Andrew Zurawski
Infrastructure investment in China has increased significantly in recent decades and has been a significant driver of economic growth and improved standards of living. Nonetheless, the level of infrastructure in China remains below that in developed


9 Jun 2023
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Conditions in China's Listed Corporate Sector

15 Jun 2017 Bulletin – June 2017
Chris Read
The financial statements of listed companies provide a detailed insight into the broader conditions faced by businesses in China. Listed firms have deleveraged over the past few years, although declining profitability has reduced their capacity to

Chinese Capital Flows and Capital Account Liberalisation

17 Dec 2015 Bulletin – December 2015
Eden Hatzvi, Jessica Meredith and William Nixon
Chinese private capital flows are dominated by foreign direct investment and banking-related flows, with portfolio flows remaining relatively small (as a share of GDP). Of these components, banking-related flows account for the majority of the

Developments in Thermal Coal Markets

18 Jun 2015 Bulletin – June 2015
Trent Saunders
Thermal coal prices increased markedly over the decade to 2011, driven by a substantial increase in global demand. That led to significant investments in thermal coal mine and port capacity, particularly in Australia and Indonesia. The resulting

China's Supply-side Structural Reform

13 Dec 2018 Bulletin – December 2018
John Boulter
Supply side structural reform is a key component of China's economic policy agenda. The motivation for reform is the view that the supply side of China's economy is out of balance with the demand side and requires adjustment.

Restructuring and Reform: China 2016 | Conference – 2016

18 Mar 2016 Conferences
Barry Naughton
extent of allowing state ownership to become a minority ownership position; and they should list on stock markets (SASAC, MoF and NDRC 2015).

Infrastructure Investment in China

18 Jun 2014 Bulletin PDF 772KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin June Quarter 2014

Chinas Supply Side Structural Reform

12 Dec 2018 Bulletin - December 2018 PDF 716KB

Private Sector Financial Conditions in China

17 Sep 2020 Bulletin – September 2020
Matthew Bunny
Historically it has been challenging to assess financial conditions for private firms in China.