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RBA Glossary definition for NBFIs

NBFIs – Non-bank financial institutions

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14 Dec 2022 Bulletin
Insights into the economy and financial system from teams throughout the Reserve Bank of Australia

The Global Financial Environment

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MEETING ON MONETARY ISSUES Reserve Bank of Australia Research ...

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The second refers to a shift in the pattern of financing between intermediaries - in the present environment, primarily from non-bank financial intermediaries (NBFIs) to banks. ... 1. July 1984 was chosen as a base as this was the first month some

Box A: Small Banks in China

9 Aug 2019 SMP – August 2019
In particular, small banks have lent to, and purchased securities issued by, non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), which in turn extend credit to firms, including MSEs.

Appendix A: Data | RDP 9704 Financial Aggregates as Conditioning Information for Australian Output and Inflation

1 Jul 1997 RDP 9704
Ellis W. Tallman and Naveen Chandra
Bulletin. Broad money (BM). Definition:. M3 plus borrowings from the private sector by NBFIs less the latter's holdings of currency and bank deposits. ... Borrowings by NBFIs include borrowings by permanent building societies, credit co-operatives,

Box B: Recent Developments in Chinese Financial Regulations

10 Aug 2017 SMP – August 2017
Regulators are also trying to improve the transparency of AMPs and strengthen the risk management practices of NBFIs (which typically manage AMPs). ... Footnotes. NBFIs operate across the financial sector and tend to face less onerous regulatory

The Global Financial Environment

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MONEY DEM.RD, OWN INTEREST RATES MW DEREGULATION. Adrian Blundell_Wignall. Susan Thorp [. OP AUSTRALIA. lOJUt•n9s7 J 585Ah',H LIIIkALT. N.NtElf. Reserve Bank of Australia. Research Discussion Paper. 8703. May 1987. The authors are indebted to Rob

Monitoring Financial System Stability

1 Sep 1999 Speech
John Laker
Speech by John Laker to the 52nd International Banking Summer School, Melbourne

Box B: Recent Developments in Chinese Financial Regulations

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