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RBA Glossary definition for NAV

NAV – net asset value

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Recent Developments in Asset Management – Central Counterparty Risk Controls and Incentives

18 Jun 2015 Bulletin – June 2015
Fiona Price and Carl Schwartz
The global asset management industry has grown rapidly following the global financial crisis. International standard-setting bodies and national regulators are working to better understand and, if necessary, address potential financial stability

Exchange-traded Funds

10 Mar 2011 Bulletin – March 2011
Mitch Kosev and Thomas Williams
Creations and redemptions of ETF shares occur on an on-going basis and are priced at the net asset value (NAV) of the assets held by the fund. ... On the secondary market, ETF prices are determined through intraday trading on the stock exchange, but

Table A1: Indicators for Identifying Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions

6 Oct 2022 Bulletin – December 2014
Net assets under management (AUM) or net asset value (NAV) for the fund. ... Ratio (%) of NAV managed using high frequency trading strategies. Weighted-average portfolio liquidity (in days)/weighted-average investor liquidity (in days).

The Australian Exchange-traded Funds Market

15 Jun 2017 Bulletin – June 2017
Michelle Cunningham
Assets under management in the Australian exchange-traded funds (ETF) market have more than tripled over the past four years to around billion. ETFs enable investors to gain exposure to a wide range of assets at relatively low cost. Australian ETFs

The Rise of Chinese Money Market Funds

16 Mar 2017 Bulletin – March 2017
Kate McLoughlin and Jessica Meredith
Money market funds (MMFs) pool funds in an investment vehicle to invest in short-term, highly rated securities. The MMF sector in China has grown rapidly over the past few years and is now the world's second largest by assets, though it is small

Recent Developments in Asset Management

16 Jun 2015 Bulletin June Quarter 2015 PDF 224KB

The Economics of Shadow Banking | Conference – 2013

19 Aug 2013 Conferences
Manmohan Singh
In the crisis, this necessitated government support (McCabe 2011). Reforms currently being contemplated include lowering the average asset maturity of MMMFs, introducing capital requirements, requiring a floating NAV (as is largely ... the case in Europe)

Exchange-traded Funds

16 Mar 2011 Bulletin PDF 393KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin March 2011

Box A Risks from Investment Funds and the COVID-19 ...

4 Nov 2020 FSR PDF 298KB
In short, constant NAV funds tightly limit variability in their share price, whereas variable NAV funds offer more variability. ... As such, constant NAV funds are seen as prone to large redemptions because they.