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RBA Glossary definition for NAIRU

NAIRU – Non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment

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Unemployment or Tax Reform?

7 Dec 2006 Conferences PDF 49KB
RBA Conference Volume 1998

The Labour Market | Conference – 1990

21 Jun 1990 Conferences
Bruce Chapman
It follows that the phenomenon of ‘hysteresis’, in which the NAIRU depends on past and current unemployment rates, is influenced by the proportion of unemployment which is LTU. ... In other words more LTU, ceteris paribus, shifts the NAIRU to the

Three Questions About the Outlook

13 Feb 2018 Speech
Luci Ellis
Speech delivered by Luci Ellis, Assistant Governor (Economic), to the ABE Conference, Sydney

Appendix A: RBA Aggregate Wage Phillips Curve Specification, Coefficients and Implied Slope

1 Aug 2021 RDP 2021-09
James Bishop and Emma Greenland
Notes: Short run; as implied by the RBA's wage Phillips curve model; uses time-varying two-sided NAIRU estimate. ... Sources: ABS; Authors' calculations. Figure A2: RBA NAIRU Estimate. Per cent of labour force, as at December 2019, quarterly.
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Watching the Invisibles

12 Jun 2019 Speech
Luci Ellis
Speech delivered by Luci Ellis, Assistant Governor (Economic), at the 2019 Freebairn Lecture in Public Policy, University of Melbourne

Appendix A: Imperfect Competition Model of Inflation

1 Nov 1995 RDP 9509
Lynne Cockerell and Bill Russell
Effect of wage shock on NAIRU and long-run real wage:. which is zero if firms price independently of demand and, therefore, β. ... 1. = 0. Effect of price shock on NAIRU and long-run real wage:.
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Inflation and Disinflation in Australia: 1950–91 | Conference – 1992

31 Dec 1950 Conferences
Glenn Stevens
RBA Annual Conference – 1992 Inflation and Disinflation in Australia: 1950–91 Glenn Stevens. 1. Introduction. There have been several surveys of inflation in Australia in the past two decades. Simkin (1972) looked at inflation from the mid-1950s

Unemployment or Tax Reform? | Conference – 1998

9 Jun 1998 Conferences
Chris Richardson
How to lower the NAIRU from near 8 per cent to near 5 per cent? ... The unemployment equation has the long-run property that joblessness returns to the NAIRU.

MARTIN Has Its Place: A Macroeconometric Model of the Australian Economy

20 Aug 2019 RDP PDF 1571KB
of unemployment (NAIRU). The household and business sectors are at the core of MARTIN’s structure (Figure 1). ... inflation target and the unemployment rate equals the NAIRU. While some of these assumptions are uncontroversial (for example, that the

Discussion of The Australian Labour Market in the 1990s

24 Nov 2006 Conferences PDF 28KB
RBA Conference Volume 2000