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MARTIN – the RBA's macro econometric model

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1 Jun 2023
This page lists phone and email addresses for the Reserve Bank of Australia

MARTIN Has Its Place: A Macroeconometric Model of the Australian Economy

26 Aug 2019 RDP 2019-07
Alexander Ballantyne, Tom Cusbert, Richard Evans, Rochelle Guttmann, Jonathan Hambur, Adam Hamilton, Elizabeth Kendall, Rachael McCririck, Gabriela Nodari and Daniel Rees
Research Discussion Paper – RDP 2019-07 MARTIN Has Its Place: A Macroeconometric Model of the Australian Economy. ... MARTIN is an economy-wide model used to produce forecasts and conduct counterfactual scenario analysis.
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MARTIN Gets a Bank Account: Adding a Banking Sector to the RBA's Macroeconometric Model

18 Jan 2022 RDP 2022-01
Anthony Brassil, Mike Major and Peter Rickards
banking, COVID-19, modelling, monetary policy. We add a simplified banking sector to the RBA’s macroeconometric model (MARTIN). ... Having a banking sector in MARTIN allows us to explore important policy questions.
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Appendix A: Pass-through Lower Bound in BA-MARTIN

9 Mar 2023 RDP 2022-08
lending rate pass-through lower bound with the baseline BA-MARTIN calibration remains above zero in a low-for-long scenario. ... λ. parameter in BA-MARTIN) if lending rates remaining constant following the cash rate reduction was the optimal response:.

BA-MARTIN in Detail

18 Jan 2022 RDP 2022-01
Peter Rickards
BA-MARTIN in Detail. Anthony Brassil, Mike Major and Peter Rickards. January 2022. ... Only minor changes to BA-MARTIN are required to implement this alternative assumption.


31 May 2023
Listing of RBA media resource material including: Freedom of Information Guidelines; Upcoming Lock-ups; Lock-up Procedures; Bank Logos Image Library; Bank Board Members Image Library; and Bank Building Image Library.

Reflections of Martin Place

9 Mar 2023
Reflections of Martin Place. The Reserve Bank of Australia holds a photographic collection of some 15,000 images. ... Coombs as the first Governor. The Bank's headquarters were also constructed in Martin Place in an architectural style that reflected the

Meet MARTIN, the RBA's new macroeconomic model

15 Mar 2018 Bulletin – March 2018
Tom Cusbert and Elizabeth Kendall
MARTIN is a full-system econometric model built using an error-correction framework. ... MARTIN has been designed to provide a framework to interpret economic developments and assist policymakers.


2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Box E: Scenario Analysis Using the MARTIN Model

8 Nov 2019 SMP – November 2019
Statement on Monetary Policy – November 2019 Box E. Scenario Analysis Using the MARTIN Model. ... Using MARTIN, staff can construct a scenario by imposing a path for one or more variables and then observing the behaviour of other variables conditional