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MAEs – Major advanced economies

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Apocalypse Then: The Evolution of the North Atlantic Economy and the Global Crisis | Conference – 2011

16 Aug 2011 Conferences
Tamim Bayoumi and Trung Bui
The TIC data allow a further division between bilateral holdings of US government bonds, agencies (essentially, holdings of the quasi-public bonds of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, which were often

The Global Financial Environment

24 Mar 2011 FSR – March 2011 PDF 537KB

Housing Prices, Mortgage Interest Rates and the Rising Share of Capital Income in the United States

25 May 2016 RDP PDF 1165KB
transactions for single-family properties that involve conforming conventional mortgages. purchased or securitised by the Government-sponsored enterprises (Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac).5.

International and Foreign Exchange Markets

10 Feb 2012 SMP – February 2012
Incentives for eligible participants (which will now include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) to modify loans will also be increased, including a boost in incentive payments from 18 per cent to

Macrofinancial Stress Testing on Australian Banks

13 Sep 2023 RDP PDF 1940KB
used by Standard and Poor’s and Fannie Mae, all of which show values in the range of 7 to 13 per.

International and Foreign Exchange Markets

10 May 2009 SMP – May 2009
In late March, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac received further capital injections of senior preferred stock from the US Treasury of US$15 billion and US$31 billion, respectively, as part of the ... In addition, loan-to-valuation constraints on refinancing

Developments In Emerging South East Asia

12 Dec 2018 Bulletin - December 2018 PDF 1231KB

Macrofinancial Stress Testing on Australian Banks

20 Sep 2022 RDP 2022-03
Nicholas Garvin, Samuel Kurian, Mike Major and David Norman
Our estimate of foreclosure costs being 10 per cent is based on the international literature (Qi and Yang 2009) and assumptions used by Standard and Poor's and Fannie Mae, all

The Global Financial Environment

29 Sep 2010 FSR - September 2010 PDF 516KB

Box A: Global Recovery Rates on Corporate Defaults

24 Mar 2010 FSR - March 2010 PDF 88KB