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MAEs – Major advanced economies

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Introduction to Lessons from the Financial Turmoil of 2007 and 2008

22 Oct 2008 Conferences PDF 83KB
RBA Conference Volume 2008

Financial System Liquidity, Asset Prices and Monetary Policy | Conference – 2005

11 Jul 2005 Conferences
Hyun Song Shin
Although the assumption of continuous marking to market is not appropriate if taken literally, the ‘banks’ in my framework could be seen as the US mortgage agencies such as Fannie Mae,

Box B: An International Comparison of Pass-through of Policy Rate Changes to Housing Loan Rates

5 Feb 2009 SMP - February 2009 PDF 189KB

Introduction | Conference – 2008

14 Jul 2008 Conferences
Paul Bloxham and Christopher Kent
Mae and Freddie Mac.

International and Foreign Exchange Markets

8 Nov 2012 SMP – November 2012 PDF 1291KB

Lessons from the Financial Turmoil of 2007 And 2008

10 Oct 2008 Bulletin PDF 47KB
On 14–15 July 2008, the Reserve Bank held a conference on ‘Lessons from the Financial Turmoil of 2007 and 2008’. The conference volume, which includes papers and discussions, will be available on 31 October. The following is the introductory

Developing Housing Finance Systems

10 Dec 2012 Conferences PDF 710KB
RBA Conference Volume 2012

A Comparison of the US and Australian Housing Markets

16 Jun 2008 Bulletin PDF 93KB
Address by Dr Guy Debelle, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets), to the Sub-prime Mortgage Meltdown Symposium, Adelaide, 16 May 2008.

The Global Financial Environment

10 Mar 2011 FSR – March 2011
As discussed below, the US Government also retains significant exposure to the balance sheets of the troubled insurer, AIG, and the government-sponsored mortgage agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.) Progress ... The government-sponsored mortgage

The Global Financial Environment

24 Mar 2011 FSR – March 2011 PDF 537KB