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RBA Glossary definition for LVR

LVR – Loan-to-valuation ratio

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Box B: How Risky is High-DTI and High-LVR Lending?

8 Apr 2022 FSR – April 2022
The higher incidence of mortgage stress among high-LVR and high-DTI borrowers could be due to their high LVRs or DTIs alone, or it may be that borrowers who take ... Owner-occupier borrowers whose initial LVR was greater than or equal to 90 have been


2 May 2023
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Box B: Housing Price Falls and Negative Equity

12 Apr 2019 FSR – April 2019
They could be understated because securitised loans are skewed towards those with lower LVRs at origination. ... Around 80 per cent of ADI loans are issued with an LVR of 80 or less.


6 Apr 2023 FSR
A number of Boxes on topics of special interest are published in the Financial Stabiilty Review. These boxes can be read as stand-alone documents or within the relevant Financial Stability Review.

Recent Developments in Low-deposit Loans

10 Oct 2003 Bulletin – October 2003
Marianne Gizycki and Michelle Wright
Most financiers, therefore, differentiate high LVR loans from other loans in three main ways:. ... However, the borrowers do provide a deposit – the maximum LVR is usually 75–80 per cent.

Household and Business Finances in Australia

6 Apr 2023 FSR – April 2023
Household and Business Finances in Australia | Financial Stability Review – April 2023

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10 Mar 2004 FSR – March 2004
Share of loans with LVR > 95%. 2.1. Share of loans with age < 2 years. ... 13.3. Share of mortgage-insured loans. 18.4. LVR > 80% not mortgage insured.

Household and Business Finances

8 Apr 2022 FSR – April 2022
The shares of new loans with high LVRs or interest-only terms remain low. ... It is important that lenders and borrowers consider the potential for falls in housing prices, particularly for loans at high LVRs.

Appendix A: Model Specifications

20 Sep 2022 RDP 2022-03
Nicholas Garvin, Samuel Kurian, Mike Major and David Norman
Housing loans with LMI ($). APRA (ARF_223.0). OutstandingMortgagesLVR 80. Mortgages with LVRs 80. ... o. s. t. C. R. E. ). is added for all LVRs above a minimum threshold. (.

Mortgage Insights From Securitisation Data

20 Nov 2017 Speech
Marion Kohler
Speech delivered by Marion Kohler, Head of Domestic Markets Department, to the Australian Securitisation Forum, Sydney