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RBA Glossary definition for IOSCO

IOSCO – International Organization of Securities Commissions. An international organisation whose members co-operate to promote high standards of regulation in order to protect investors and ensure that markets are fair, efficient and transparent.

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27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – 2022
IOSCO. International Organization of Securities Commissions. IPS. Information Publication Scheme. ISDA.

Financial Stability Standards | Clearing and Settlement Facilities

9 Mar 2023
A list of standards and guidance notes for clearing and settlement facilities

Developments in the Financial System Architecture

10 Sep 2012 FSR – September 2012
The CPSS and IOSCO issued a consultation paper in July, Recovery and Resolution of Financial Market Infrastructures. ... Earlier this year, IOSCO established a committee, currently chaired by ASIC, to conduct thematic and member country reviews.

Skin in the Game – Central Counterparty Risk Controls and Incentives

18 Jun 2015 Bulletin – June 2015
Louise Carter and Megan Garner
The increasing systemic importance of central counterparties (CCPs) has seen recent policy debates focus on the ability of CCPs to withstand a crisis effectively. CCPs maintain prefunded financial resources to cover the potential losses arising from

Skin in the Game – Central Counterparty Risk Controls and Incentives

16 Jun 2015 Bulletin June Quarter 2015 PDF 96KB

Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2016 - Abbreviations

7 Oct 2016 RBA Annual Report 2016 PDF 131KB


1 Dec 1994 RDP 9408
Stephanie Weston and Brian Gray
One consequence was that in developing the market-risk proposals, the Basle Committee sought assistance from IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions). ... IOSCO was represented on the various technical working parties whose task it

Recovery and Resolution of Central Counterparties

19 Dec 2013 Bulletin – December 2013
Matt Gibson
The increasing importance of central counterparties (CCPs) to financial stability has prompted regulators to take steps to ensure that critical CCP services can continue in circumstances of financial distress. These steps include ensuring that CCPs

List of tables | 2015 Assessment of the Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System

9 Mar 2023
The Bank is encouraged to review its cyber-risk management arrangements in light of forthcoming CPMI-IOSCO guidance on cyber resilience for FMIs.

The Rise of Chinese Money Market Funds

16 Mar 2017 Bulletin – March 2017
Kate McLoughlin and Jessica Meredith
Money market funds (MMFs) pool funds in an investment vehicle to invest in short-term, highly rated securities. The MMF sector in China has grown rapidly over the past few years and is now the world's second largest by assets, though it is small