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ICS – Initial Convenience Service

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Empirical Methodology

9 Mar 2023 RDP 2022-06
ic. t represents regional time trends, where I. ic. indicates the SA3 area of household i. ... t. where Group. ic,t–4. indicates the demographic or financial group the household belonged to in previous period, which reduces concerns about feedback from

Do Australian Households Borrow to Keep up with the Joneses?

8 Nov 2022 RDP PDF 1659KB
identification concerns. I first estimate the following baseline regression:. , , , 4 , 4 ,ic t c t ic t c t c ic ic tc. ... ic t c t c ic ic t. c. Notmove Intention Satisfaction Satisifaction.

The Economic Trends, Challenges and Behaviour of Small Businesses in Australia

20 Aug 2015 Conferences PDF 514KB
RBA Conference Volume 2015

Capital Flow Policies, Monetary Policy and Coordination

27 Jul 2014 Conferences PDF 394KB
RBA Conference Volume 2014

Policy Panel

10 Dec 2012 Conferences PDF 957KB
RBA Conference Volume 2012

Previous Research

31 Dec 2001 RDP 2001-09
Ivan Roberts and John Simon
Hymans (1970) treated the ICS both as a dependent and an independent variable in his regressions. ... although the fit was relatively poor), and that the Michigan ICS was rather less useful.
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Apocalypse Then: The Evolution of the North Atlantic Economy and the Global Crisis

13 Dec 2011 Conferences PDF 8780KB
RBA Conference Volume 2011

Firm Dynamics and Public Policy: Evidence from OECD Countries

21 Aug 2015 Conferences PDF 487KB
RBA Conference Volume 2015

Policy Panel

19 Dec 2013 Conferences PDF 209KB
RBA Conference Volume 2013