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Government EasyPay – Government EasyPay is a telephone and Internet collection service available to Australian Government agencies.

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9 Mar 2023
Speeches by senior staff of the Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank in Darwin

20 Mar 2023 Speech
It was however uncertain which countries, if any, would agree to this proposal, particularly as Governments would be involved; a study group was to report back to the June ... S. meeting on the technical aspects and the initial reaction of Governments

Pricing of Government Securities

27 Oct 1992 Media Releases
The Bank makes available to interested parties a consolidated set of the formulae it uses to calculate prices and yields for Commonwealth Government securities

Government Bond Purchases

9 Mar 2023
Government Bond Purchases. Purchases under the Bank's Bond Purchase Program ceased on 10 February 2022. ... As noted, if required the Reserve Bank was prepared to purchase government securities to address market dislocations.

The Australian Government Guarantee Scheme: 2008–15

17 Mar 2016 Bulletin – March 2016
Carl Schwartz and Nicholas Tan
The Australian Government Guarantee Scheme for Large Deposits and Wholesale Funding (the Guarantee Scheme or scheme) was introduced during the global financial crisis in response to similar measures taken in other countries, and to address extreme

Announcement Commonwealth Government Securities Tender Information

10 Oct 2006 Media Releases
A calendar of expected issuance dates for Commonwealth Government Securities is provided on the Australian Office of Financial Management website. ... Historical information on tenders for Commonwealth Government Securities prior to October 2006 is

Historical Data

13 Jun 2023 Statistics
This page provides links to historical data

Movement of Commonwealth Government Securities to the Austraclear System

25 Feb 2002 Media Releases
Members of the Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System (RITS) moved their portfolios totalling billion of Commonwealth Government Securities (CGS) from RITS to the Austraclear System, which is owned and operated by the SFE Corporation Limited.

Bulletin Articles – 1989

9 Mar 2023 Bulletin
The Reserve Bank Bulletin is a monthly publication that contains economic commentary, feature articles, speeches and a set of statistical tables

Australian Government Securities | Financial Statements

9 Mar 2023 RBA Annual Report – 1980
Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 1980 Financial Statements Australian Government Securities. ... Note 3 Australian government securities. This includes Treasury bills and Treasury notes at face value.