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FWC – Fair Work Commission

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New Timely Indicators of Wages Growth

20 Sep 2023 Bulletin - September 2023 PDF 853KB

Discussion of Immigration and Wage Growth: The Case of Australia

22 Jul 2019 Conferences PDF 130KB
RBA Annual Conference 2019


7 Aug 2020 SMP – August 2020
Graph 5.15. The Fair Work Commission (FWC) determined that the National Minimum Wage and all award wages will increase by 1.75 per cent, which is lower than the outcomes ... The FWC decision directly affects around 13 per cent of the wage bill, while

RBAFOI-202104 - Documents for Release

7 Sep 2020 PDF 1929KB
analysis of income support prior to announcement of jobkeeper


10 Feb 2019 SMP – February 2019
As at May 2018, a little over 20 per cent of employees had their pay set by awards, which are mostly determined by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). ... The FWC award decision is also likely to influence wage outcomes for some employees not on an award.


6 Feb 2020 SMP - February 2020 PDF 471KB

New Timely Indicators of Wages Growth

21 Sep 2023 Bulletin – September 2023
Nalini Agarwal, James Bishop, Matthew Fink, Jessica Geraghty and Yahdullah Haidar
Monitoring developments in wages is important for assessing the inflation outlook, as labour costs are a major factor in firms’ pricing decisions.

Economic Outlook

4 Aug 2023 SMP – August 2023
Economic Outlook | Statement on Monetary Policy – August 2023

Bulletin June Quarter 2021

18 Aug 2021 Bulletin - June 2021 PDF 10067KB

Bulletin September Quarter 2023

29 Sep 2023 Bulletin - September 2023 PDF 7354KB