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RBA Glossary definition for FCL

FCL – Flexible Credit Line

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9 Jun 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Reporting Australia's Foreign Reserve Holdings

10 Feb 2020 Bulletin December Quarter 2017 PDF 1824KB

Bulletin December Quarter 2017

10 Feb 2020 Bulletin PDF 6688KB
may therefore differ from the basis used to report ORA, FCL and net foreign reserves. ... Under this framework, FCL is defined as the difference between official foreign currency assets and net short-term forward foreign currency commitments.

Reporting Australia's Foreign Reserve Holdings

7 Dec 2017 Bulletin – December 2017
Chris Potter
The Reserve Bank of Australia reports details of Australia's official reserve assets, foreign currency liquidity and net foreign reserves on a monthly basis. This article details changes that will make the Bank's reporting methodology consistent


16 Oct 2013 RBA Annual Report – 2013
ESA. Exchange Settlement Account. ESD. Ecologically sustainable development. FCL. Flexible Credit Line.

Australia’s Financial Relationship with the International Monetary Fund

18 Dec 2012 Bulletin PDF 292KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin December 2012

Australia's Financial Relationship with the International Monetary Fund

10 Dec 2012 Bulletin – December 2012
Emily Poole
Among these new types of lending facilities, the Flexible Credit Line (FCL) has been utilised the most, including large credit lines for Mexico and Poland.

Bulletin September Quarter 2010

28 Feb 2012 Bulletin PDF 1412KB
Bulletin SeptemBer quarter 2010. Contents. articles. Structural Change in the Australian Economy 1. Durable Goods and the Business Cycle 11. Economic Change in India 19. Ownership of Australian Equities and Corporate Bonds 25. Interpreting Market

Bulletin December Quarter 2011

22 Feb 2012 Bulletin PDF 3062KB
Reserve Bank of Australia

Recent Changes in IMF Lending

15 Dec 2011 Bulletin PDF 1742KB
Reserve Bank of Australia December Bulletin 2011