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FAI – Fixed asset investment

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2 May 2023
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Infrastructure Investment in China

19 Jun 2014 Bulletin – June 2014
Kelsey Wilkins and Andrew Zurawski
Infrastructure investment in China has increased significantly in recent decades and has been a significant driver of economic growth and improved standards of living. Nonetheless, the level of infrastructure in China remains below that in developed

Appendix A: Fixed Asset Investment Data by Sector

31 Dec 2010 RDP 2010-08
Ivan Roberts and Anthony Rush
We use fixed asset investment (FAI) data, as disaggregated data on gross fixed capital formation are unavailable. ... From 1996 onwards, monthly data on total urban FAI by industry is available.
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Seasonal Adjustment of Chinese Economic Statistics

15 Nov 2015 RDP PDF 1209KB
With the exception of the X-12-ARIMA adjustment for FAI, visualanalysis of spectral plots reveals no evidence of residual seasonality. ... We considerthe case of FAI later. Table 4 displays the estimation results for our moving holiday corrections.

Sources of Chinese Demand for Resource Commodities

9 Nov 2010 RDP PDF 498KB
use fixed asset investment (FAI) data. See Appendix A for details on how the sectoral FAI series are constructed from available sources.


31 Dec 2012 RDP 2012-04
Leon Berkelmans and Hao Wang
Because fixed asset investment (FAI) data better represent what is calculated in the national accounts, we multiply our approximate series by the ratio of residential building FAI (CEIC DX Identifier: COBDJW)

China's Property Sector

19 Mar 2015 Bulletin – March 2015
Alexander Cooper and Arianna Cowling
Property development, especially of residential property, represents a sizeable share of China's economic activity and has made a considerable contribution to overall growth over recent history. Residential property cycles in China have been larger

Infrastructure Investment in China

18 Jun 2014 Bulletin PDF 772KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin June Quarter 2014

Seasonally Adjusting Chinese Economic Time Series

31 Dec 2015 RDP 2015-13
Ivan Roberts and Graham White
Industrial production and FAI figures are not released separately for January and February. ... Interestingly, the X-12-ARIMA adjustment for FAI seems particularly prone to revision.

A Rebalancing Chinese Economy: Challenges and International Implications | Conference – 2016

18 Mar 2016 Conferences
Guonan Ma, Ivan Roberts and Gerard Kelly
In their original work, Bai et al (2006) estimate separate capital stocks and prices for structures and equipment investment using rescaled data on flows of fixed asset investment (FAI). ... In view of the limited available data on the components of