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ES – Exchange Settlement (account, balances or funds)

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Statistical Tables

24 May 2023 Statistics
Statistical Tables. This page lists statistical tables for a range of economic and financial data produced by the Reserve Bank of Australia and other organisations. No entries found. Reserve Bank of Australia. Assets and Liabilities. Authorised

Market Operations in the Past Year

31 Oct 2008 Speech
Guy Debelle
Speech by Guy Debelle to the 2008 FTA Congress, Melbourne

Structural Liquidity and Domestic Market Operations

15 Sep 2017 Bulletin – September 2017
Benn Robertson
The Reserve Bank is a net supplier of liquidity to the Australian financial system. This reflects demand for the Reserve Bank's liabilities from its customers, as well as the asset allocation decisions of the Reserve Bank. The key drivers of


2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

The Role of Exchange Settlement Accounts

10 Mar 1999 Bulletin – March 1999
obligations. In short, ES Accounts have two key features relevant to the settlement process:. ... Two SSPs supervised by the Australian Financial Institutions Commission were granted ES Accounts in 1994.

Operations in Financial Markets

21 Oct 2021 RBA Annual Report – 2021
semis and ES balances) to meet outflows during a period of stress of 30 days. ... APRA also incorporates its projections of banks' holdings of banknotes and ES balances.

Exchange Settlement Account Policy

9 Mar 2023
The Reserve Bank of Australia's Exchange Settlement Account Policy

Operations in Financial Markets

12 Apr 2020 RBA Annual Report – 2020
increased. The Reserve Bank supplied cash via repos and outright bond purchases, with surplus ES balances reaching $89 billion in April. ... Activity in the cash market fell significantly following the large increase in ES balances beginning in March 2020

Liquidity Facilities

9 Feb 2023
payments across their own Exchange Settlement (ES) account (except where the member is restricted by special terms and conditions relating to its ES account). ... For ELA repo, Eligible Counterparties that do not settle repos across their own ES account

Supporting the Economy and Financial System in Response to COVID-19

9 Mar 2023
A3 (see the worksheets titled: ‘ES Balances and Repo Agreements’, ‘Daily Open Market Operations’ and ‘OMO Repo Transaction Details’).