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EMEAP – Executives' Meeting of East Asia-Pacific Central Banks. EMEAP is a co-operative forum of eleven central banks and monetary authorities in the East Asia and Pacific region comprising the Reserve Bank of Australia, the People's Bank of China, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Bank Indonesia, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of Korea, Bank Negara Malaysia, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Bank of Thailand.

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NGFS Pledge – Combined statement from APRA and the RBA - Thursday 4 November 2021

27 Jan 2023 PDF 976KB
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International Market Operations

29 Dec 2022
The Reserve Bank also has investments in a number of Asian debt markets through participation in the EMEAP Asian Bond Fund (ABF) Initiative.

International Financial Cooperation

10 Sep 2012 RBA Annual Report – 2012
The Reserve Bank participates in EMEAP at a number of levels, including the Governor and Deputy Governor. ... An EMEAP meeting in Auckland in November 2011 was attended by senior EMEAP representatives, including RBA staff.

International Financial Co-operation

20 Aug 2009 RBA Annual Report – 2009
The Bank participates in EMEAP at a number of levels from the Governor down. ... In addition to their regular work program, these working groups have reviewed the recommendations made by the FSF and G-20 and have discussed their implications for the

International Monetary Co-operation in Asia

20 Nov 1996 Speech
Ian Macfarlane
Speech by Ian Macfarlane to the to Europe/East Asia Economic Summit, Hong Kong

International Financial Cooperation

16 Oct 2013 RBA Annual Report – 2013
The Reserve Bank participates in EMEAP at a number of levels, including the Governor and Deputy Governor. ... region. EMEAP Deputy Governors held a roundtable discussion with private sector experts in April 2013, focusing on developments in Asian finance,

December: 1997-Glossary

9 Mar 2023 Media Release
ECU. European currency unit. EMEAP. Executive Meeting of East Asian and Pacific central banks.

Central Bank Cooperation in the Asian Region

25 Sep 1995 Speech
Bernie Fraser
Talk by Bernie Fraser to the 24th Conference of Economists, Adelaide

Recent Developments in Asian Bond Markets

15 Dec 2004 Speech
Ric Battellino
Speech by Ric Battellino to the 17th Australasian Finance & Banking Conference, Sydney

International Financial Cooperation

24 Oct 2016 RBA Annual Report – 2016
The Reserve Bank hosted the 50th EMEAP Deputies' Meeting in Sydney in April 2016. ... Deputy Governor Philip Lowe with participants at the 50th EMEAP Deputies' Meeting, Sydney, April 2016.