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EME – Emerging market economies

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The Usual Transmission – Monetary Policy and Financial Conditions

13 Aug 2019 Speech PDF 471KB
Partly in response, a large share of EME central banks had raised their policy rates over thesecond half of that year. ... Central banks in a large share of EMEs havealso reduced their policy rates.

The Global Financial Environment

10 Feb 2020 FSR October 2018 PDF 1214KB

Table 8 in How Will Ageing Affect the Structure of Financial Markets? | Conference – 2006

23 Jul 2006 Conferences
Table 8: Demographic Effects on Financial Structure – Ratio Variables. EMEs.

Cross-border Capital Flows since the Global Financial Crisis

19 Jun 2014 Bulletin – June 2014
Elliott James, Kate McLoughlin and Ewan Rankin
Global gross capital flows remain well below their peak before the global financial crisis, which was reached after a period of unusual expansion. Much of the decline can be attributed to a reduced flow of lending by banks – particularly to, from

International Financial Conditions

7 Aug 2020 SMP - August 2020 PDF 892KB

The Global Financial Environment

8 Apr 2021 FSR - April 2021 PDF 558KB

Exchange Rates and Inflationary Pressures

24 Oct 2022 Speech
Christopher Kent
Speech delivered by Christopher Kent, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets), Commonwealth Bank Global Markets Conference, Sydney

International Financial Cooperation

21 Oct 2021 RBA Annual Report – 2021
society. The working group looking at US-dollar funding and emerging market economy (EME) vulnerabilities. ... many EMEs; the development of markets for bail-in-able debt; and ESG considerations in central bank operations.

The Global Financial Safety Net and Australia

17 Sep 2020 Bulletin – September 2020
Meika Ball, Ashwin Clarke and Clare Noone
The Global Financial Safety Net (GFSN) allows for financial assistance to be provided to economies in the event of an economic or financial crisis.

The Global Financial Environment

4 Nov 2020 FSR - October 2020 PDF 678KB