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ECM – Error-correction ratio

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Microeconomics of the Australian Labour Market | Conference – 1998

9 Jun 1998 Conferences
John Freebairn
Stacey and Downes (1995). Neoclassical firm investment, employment and pricing. 1971(1)–1995(1) ECM.

Discussion on Determinants of Agricultural and Mineral Commodity Prices | Conference – 2009

17 Aug 2009 Conferences
One way of modelling this short-run dependence might be to estimate a seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) on individual error correction mechanism (ECM) relationships. ... A VECM or system ECM approach might shed some different light on what drives

Household Saving and Asset Valuations in Selected Industrialised Countries

2 Dec 2009 RDP PDF 212KB
12. The associated short-term specification of the ECM is:. st = α1ECMt1α2yt α3pteqα3pt. ... From the ECM estimations, reported in Table 1, the following observations can bemade:. •

An Empirical Examination of the Fisher Effect in Australia

30 Nov 2009 RDP PDF 96KB
The instruments used inthe results reported in Table 4 included the regressors of the ECM which were significant atthe 5% level. ... two step method and the ECM equations reported in Table 3 using similarMonte Carlo simulations to those used in Table A1.

The Demand for Money in Australia: New Tests on an Old Topic

30 Nov 2009 RDP PDF 135KB
ECM estimatedincluding short-terminterest rate. Lim (1991) Real currency, realbank deposits andreal non-bankdeposits (GDPdeflator). ... ECM estimatedincluding bill rate. 7. Lim andDixon (1991). Real currency (GNEdeflator).

The Liberalisation and Integration of Domestic Financial Markets in Western Pacific Economies

1 Dec 2009 RDP PDF 253KB
9 Cottarelli and Kourelis (1994) state that an ECM performs poorly, but this is because they. ... from the ECM as 1. 2. 1, β β. The pricing rules suggest that.

Appendix 2: Test Procedures

1 Dec 1993 RDP 9314
Gordon de Brouwer, Irene Ng and Robert Subbaraman
The loading vectors may be interpreted analogously to the coefficient on the error-correction variable in the ECM of Engle and Granger (1987).
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A State-space Approach to Australian GDP Measurement

4 Feb 2015 RDP PDF 904KB
Research Discussion Paper. A State-space Approach to Australian GDP Measurement. Daniel Rees, David Lancaster and Richard Finlay. RDP 2014-12. The Discussion Paper series is intended to make the results of the current economic research within the


21 Oct 2022 PDF 9689KB
impacts of rate rises on house prices and other economic indicators

Inflation in Australia: Measurement and Modelling | Conference – 2004

9 Aug 2004 Conferences
Alexandra Heath, Ivan Roberts and Tim Bulman
RBA Annual Conference – 2004 Inflation in Australia: Measurement and Modelling Alexandra Heath, Ivan Roberts and Tim Bulman. 1. Introduction. Since 1993, monetary policy in Australia has targeted CPI inflation of between 2 and 3 per cent, on