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EBAs – Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

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4 Feb 2021 SMP – February 2021
Public sector wages growth declined to 0.2 per cent, reflecting deferred wage increases for Commonwealth employees, delays in negotiating the Victorian public service EBA and delays and reductions in wage ... The Australian Government has announced a

Low Wages Growth in Australia – An Overview

22 Jul 2019 Conferences PDF 607KB
RBA Annual Conference 2019

The Global Financial Environment

27 Mar 2012 FSR – March 2012 PDF 715KB

The Global Financial Environment

10 Mar 2012 FSR – March 2012
In December, the EBA identified 31 banks with capital shortfalls, totalling 85 billion, including 40 billion for the sovereign exposures buffer (Table 1.1). ... Core Tier 1 capital in the EBA plan uses the Basel II definition of high-quality capital,

RBAFOI-222301 - Documents for Release

9 Aug 2022 PDF 1222KB
Liaison and Survey information drawn upon in preparing the 5 July Monetary Policy announcement

Is Monetary Policy Less Effective When Interest Rates Are Persistently Low? | Conference – 2017

16 Mar 2017 Conferences
Claudio Borio and Boris Hofmann
RBA Annual Conference – 2017 Is Monetary Policy Less Effective When Interest Rates Are Persistently Low? Claudio Borio and Boris Hofmann. 1.28. MB. Interest rates in the core advanced economies have been persistently low for about eight years now


14 Sep 2017 PSB Annual Report – 2017
DMF. Default management framework. EBA. European Banking Authority. EMV. Europay, Mastercard and Visa.

RBA Annual Report - Management of the RBA

27 Aug 2014 RBA Annual Report 2004 PDF 112KB


10 May 2018 SMP – May 2018
The public sector also has a larger share of employees on enterprise bargaining agreements (EBAs). ... EBAs have an average duration of a little over three years.

Management of the RBA

28 Jul 2004 RBA Annual Report – 2004
This EBA provides more flexibility than in the past to reward staff according to performance within existing budget constraints. ... In 2003, staff on individual contracts received, on average, the same annual increase as staff covered by the EBA.