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EBAs – Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

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10 May 2019 SMP – May 2019
Meanwhile, wages growth for the average worker on an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) has remained fairly stable at low levels (see ‘Box D: Trends in Wages Growth by Pay-setting Method’). ... Government policies have kept average wages growth in


10 Aug 2018 SMP – August 2018
Average wages growth in new federally registered enterprise bargaining agreements (EBAs) increased in the March quarter (Graph 4.13). ... Despite this, wages growth in new EBAs remains marginally below that in the stock of outstanding EBAs, which implies


9 Aug 2019 SMP – August 2019
awards. Wages growth in enterprise bargaining agreements (EBAs) has been relatively steady at a low level in recent years. ... Average wages growth for Commonwealth Government jobs has increased following a period where protracted EBA negotiations led to

Wages Growth by Pay-setting Method

20 Jun 2019 Bulletin – June 2019
James Bishop and Natasha Cassidy
Using job-level micro data, we show that the dynamics of wages growth differ across pay-setting methods.


27 Nov 2018 SMP – November 2018
Commonwealth government wages growth has picked up recently, following a period in which there were widespread wage freezes due to protracted negotiations over new EBAs. ... Although about one-third of retail employees are covered by awards, a similar

Wages Growth by Pay-setting Method

19 Jun 2019 Bulletin - June 2019 PDF 549KB


31 Dec 2015 RDP 2015-12
Jonathan Hambur, Lynne Cockerell, Christopher Potter, Penelope Smith and Michelle Wright
Economic Modelling. , 14(4), pp 517–527. IMF (International Monetary Fund) (2013), ‘External Balance Assessment (EBA) Methodology: Technical Background’, 25 June. ... Available at <>.


6 Feb 2020 SMP - February 2020 PDF 471KB

Employment and Wages

26 Nov 2019 Speech
Guy Debelle
Speech delivered by Guy Debelle, Deputy Governor, Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) National Conference 2019, Canberra


14 Sep 2017 PSB Annual Report – 2017
DMF. Default management framework. EBA. European Banking Authority. EMV. Europay, Mastercard and Visa.