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DNDC – Dual-network debit card

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Payments System Board Annual Report 2020 - Retail Payments Regulation and Policy Issues

14 Oct 2020 PSB Annual Report 2020 PDF 729KB

For Official Use Only Russell Zimmerman Retail Consultant Review ...

19 Jul 2021 PDF 896KB
saw the cost of acceptance in Australia reduced. Dual Network Debit Cards (DNDCs). ... response to SNDC’s:. 1. All major banks must continue to issue DNDCs and.

Australian Retailers Association ABN 99 064 713 718 Level ...

19 Jul 2021 PDF 583KB
ARA would strongly support the third option, mandating DNDC issuance for major banks and medium-. ... We believe that, in isolation, different interchange caps for SNDCs and DNDCs will be somewhat. | 1800 RETAIL (738 245) Review of Retail ...

8 Jul 2021 PDF 204KB
banks to not issue DNDCs will result in these same lending institutions overwhelmingly offering. ... issuance of DNDCs by all banking institutions to ensure businesses have maximum access to.

Suite 403, Level 4, 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW ...

9 Jul 2021 PDF 263KB
Option 3: Regulation mandating DNDC issuance for the major banks and medium sized. ... Thresholds for mandated DNDC issuance. In considering the policy position for DNDCs, the RBA called for stakeholder feedback on a proposal.

eftpos Payments Australia Limited ABN 37 136 180 366 ...

9 Jul 2021 PDF 1231KB
very. quickly by: • movement of prop cards to DNDC. This means through this preliminary conclusion, creating:. ... Even if DNDCs are required for all issuers, regulation of LCR is still required.

Mastercard 72 Christie Street St Leonards NSW 2065 Australia ...

9 Jul 2021 PDF 381KB
DNDCs duplicate functionality for consumers across two payments networks, creating unnecessary complexity for issuers. ... We note the RBA acknowledges provisioning DNDCs is costly and cumbersome for smaller issuers.

P 1300 160 270 | Suite 6, Level ...

12 Jul 2021 PDF 611KB
5.1 Proposal for only the major banks to issue DNDCs (for all relevant payment forms). ... 5.2 Establishment of a lower interchange cap for SNDC transactions than for DNDC, to.

Review of Retail Payments Regulation: Issues Paper

18 Dec 2019 PDF 1272KB
on dual-network debit cards (DNDCs) for use by cardholders. Such restrictions could have the. ... international scheme. A payment made using a DNDC typically draws on the same deposit account.

Retail Payments Regulation and Policy Issues

21 Oct 2021 PSB Annual Report - 2021 PDF 277KB