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CUBS – Credit Unions and Building Societies

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The Australian Financial System

10 Mar 2012 FSR – March 2012
banks. In aggregate, the profits of the credit unions and building societies (CUBS) declined in their latest half-yearly results, although individual results were mixed. ... CUBS have maintained their higher capital ratios: their aggregate Tier 1 capital

Money in the Australian Economy

20 Sep 2018 Bulletin – September 2018
Emma Doherty, Ben Jackman and Emily Perry
Money forms part of our everyday lives and is integral to the smooth functioning of the financial system and the real economy; however, discussions of what money is and how it is created are generally left to economics textbooks.

Asset Securitisation in Australia

22 Sep 2004 FSR PDF 159KB
Since the start of 2000, regional banks, and credit unions and building societies (CUBS) have securitised about one quarter of their gross housing lending, issuing a total of $47 billion of ... Graph 2. Major banks Regional banks CUBS Mortgage 0. 5. 10.

The Australian Financial System

18 Aug 2011 FSR – March 2011 PDF 537KB

Updates to Australia's Financial Aggregates - Appendix

21 Mar 2019 Bulletin – March 2019
Joel Bank, Kassim Durrani and Eden Hatzvi
The financial aggregates for Australia are important data compiled by the Reserve Bank that are used by policymakers to assess financial and economic activity of households and companies.

The Australian Financial System

26 Mar 2013 FSR - March 2013 PDF 1130KB

The Australian Financial System

26 Mar 2014 FSR March 2014 PDF 724KB

Domestic Financial Markets

10 Aug 2008 SMP – August 2008
Banks and mortgage originators have increased their interest rates by a little more than credit unions and building societies (CUBS).

List of tables | Joint Submission from the RBA and APRA to the Inquiry into Bank Funding Guarantees – July 2009 | Financial Sector |…

1 Jul 2009 Submissions
Branches of Foreign Banks. 10. 8. 0. 35. CUBS and Other ADIs.

20/09/2018 Money – Born of Credit? | Speeches | ...

19 Sep 2018 PDF 346KB
unions and building societies (CUBS).