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RBA Glossary definition for CPI

CPI – Consumer Price Index. A general measure of price inflation for the household sector compiled and published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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Measures of Consumer Price Inflation

27 Sep 2023
The ABS also publishes a monthly CPI indicator, which is more timely and includes updated prices for around two-thirds of the CPI basket each month. ... Monthly CPI Indicator. Not seasonally adjusted. Date. Year-ended growth. (per cent). 2022.

Inflation Overview

22 Mar 2023
The most well-known indicator of inflation is the Consumer Price Index (CPI). ... The Australian Bureau of Statistics publishes the latest CPI data. We publish graphs and data showing different measures of CPI.


9 Jun 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Box B: The Introduction of a Monthly CPI Indicator for Australia

4 Nov 2022 SMP – November 2022
Statement on Monetary Policy – November 2022Box B: The Introduction of a Monthly CPI Indicator for Australia. ... These changes will also be implemented in the quarterly CPI when they are available.

Appendix 3: An Alternative Model of the CPI

1 Nov 1995 RDP 9510
Gordon de Brouwer and Neil R. Ericsson
RDP 9510: Modelling Inflation in Australia Appendix 3: An Alternative Model of the CPI.
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Appendix A: Smoothing of Selected CPI Components

31 Dec 2006 RDP 2006-11
Christian Gillitzer and John Simon
CPI components with lowest and highest α coefficients. 12 items with lowest α coefficients. ... α. (a). Variance. (b). CPI weight. (a). Motor fuel. 0.09. 27.31.
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Inflation and its Measurement | Explainer | Education

26 May 2023
This series provides short, concise explanations for various economics topics.


5 May 2023 SMP – May 2023
Inflation | Statement on Monetary Policy – May 2023


10 Feb 2023 SMP – February 2023
September. quarter 2022. Consumer Price Index. 1.9. 1.8. 7.8. 7.3. Seasonally adjusted CPI. ... 6.1. Weighted median. 1.6. 1.4. 5.8. 4.9. CPI excl. volatile items.


28 Sep 2023 Bulletin
Insights into the economy and financial system from teams throughout the Reserve Bank of Australia