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CP – Card present

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Financial Stability: Ten Questions and about Seven Answers | Conference – 2010

9 Feb 2010 Conferences
Jaime Caruana
Kindleberger CP and RZ Aliber (2005), Manias, Panics and Crashes, 5.


31 Dec 2005 RDP 2005-12
Gianni La Cava
Gilchrist S and CP Himmelberg (1995), ‘Evidence on the role of cash flow for investment’,.

Reflections on the Financial Crisis

16 Mar 2014 Speech
Malcolm Edey
Address delivered by Malcolm Edey, Assistant Governor (Financial System), to the CFO Summit 2014, Gold Coast

Three Australian Asset-price Bubbles | Conference – 2003

18 Aug 2003 Conferences
John Simon
RBA Annual Conference – 2003 Three Australian Asset-price Bubbles John Simon. According to modern economic theory—which holds that markets are efficient, i.e., that share prices reflect intrinsic values, and that speculators are simply rational

Estimating and Identifying Empirical BVAR-DSGE Models for Small Open Economies

2 Feb 2015 RDP PDF 759KB
Research Discussion Paper. Estimating and Identifying Empirical BVAR-DSGE Models for Small Open Economies. Tim Robinson. RDP 2013-06. The Discussion Paper series is intended to make the results of the current economic research within the Reserve

Optimal Monetary Policy and the Sources of Local-Currency Price Stability

13 Dec 2007 Research Workshop PDF 411KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Workshop 2007: Monetary Policy in Open Economies

The Efficiency of Central Clearing: A Segmented Markets Approach

24 Oct 2016 RDP PDF 2054KB
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Head Office Management | Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report - 1996

31 Dec 1996 Annual Report
Chief Representative: CC Procter. Deputy Chief Representative: CP Aylmer. 1 Liberty Plaza.

Financial Stability Review

18 Nov 2022 FSR - April 2022 PDF 2740KB

New Classical Models and unobserved aggregates

19 Nov 2012 RDP PDF 912KB
a = cp a a n v. cov{ (B - B ), (z - z )} = 0 t t-1 t t t-1 t. ... correlation coefficient of [1-((c/cp) )-((c/cd) )]. 7. conclusions. In the context of a New Classical model with an imperfectly measured.