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CP – Card present

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9 Jun 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

A Density-based Estimator of Core/Periphery Network Structures: Analysing the Australian Interbank Market

1 Feb 2018 RDP 2018-01
Anthony Brassil and Gabriela Nodari
Adjacency matrices provide a convenient way to represent a core/periphery (henceforth, CP) structure. ... Specifically, the correlation estimator finds the CP split that maximises the following function:.
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A Density-based Estimator of Core/Periphery Network Structures: Analysing the Australian Interbank Market

5 Feb 2018 RDP PDF 1627KB
differences between the real-world network and the idealised CP structure create ‘errors’. ... has an ideal CP structure, this structure will be identified by this estimator.

Appendix D: BVAR-DSGE Estimates

31 Dec 2013 RDP 2013-06
Tim Robinson
1. 0.98. 0.58–1.35. σ. cp, H. Cost-push domestic. IG. 0.25. 1. ... 0.25. 0.18–0.31. σ. cp, F. Cost-push foreign. IG. 1. 1. 1.81.
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Media Release: Domestic Market Dealing Arrangements

6 Nov 2008 Media Releases
The Reserve Bank has decided to further widen the range of securities eligible for its repurchase operations

A Panel VAR

31 Dec 2012 RDP 2012-01
Hugo Gerard
of endogenous variables per country) there are NGP CP = 60 coefficients (where P = 2 is the lag length and C = 2 is the number of exogenous variables) for a total number ... of (NGP CP)NG = 1680 coefficients in such an unrestricted VAR.
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The Domestic Market for Short-term Debt Securities

10 Sep 2011 Bulletin – September 2011
Matthew Boge and Ian Wilson
In addition to their domestic issuance, the semi-government authorities also maintain offshore commercial paper (CP) programs. ... This CP is also issued through dealer panels, but is generally denominated in foreign currencies with the proceeds swapped

Online Appendices: China’s Evolving Monetary Policy Framework in International Context

4 Dec 2019 RDP PDF 1223KB
RDP 2019-11 online appendices


15 Oct 2020 PSB Annual Report – 2020
CPS. Consumer Payments Survey. CP. Card-present. CS. Clearing and settlement. DNDC.

International Financial Conditions

8 May 2020 SMP – May 2020
That was most evident for instruments involving greater credit risk, such as unsecured commercial paper (CP), or that are issued at longer terms (Graph 2.12). ... needs. For instance, a spike in investor redemptions resulted in ‘prime' US money market