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COIN – Community of Interest Network

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What is Money?

26 May 2023 PDF 5345KB
To address persistent coin shortages, new forms of money were developed in the following decades. ... Image: Note Printing Australia Limited. 9. A gold sovereign coin, produced in 1855 at the Sydney Mint.10.

Better than a Coin Toss? The Thankless Task of Economic Forecasting

14 Sep 2004 Bulletin PDF 70KB
Better than a Coin Toss? The Thankless Task of Economic Forecasting September 2004. ... 6. Better than a Coin Toss?The Thankless Task ofEconomic Forecasting1. Address by Mr GR Stevens, Deputy Governor, tothe Economic Society of Victor ia and

The Reserve Bank in the Community

28 Aug 2006 RBA Annual Report – 2006
Some coins identified as having historical value were transferred to the Royal Australian Mint's National Coin Collection. ... The Reserve Bank sold the remainder of its holdings of gold coins at an auction organised by Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Operations and Customer Services | Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report - 1992

30 Jun 1992 Annual Report
Reissue of one and two cent coins ceased from 1 February 1992 and, over the following five months, $10 million or 2,500 tonnes of these coins were returned by banks ... This inflow, together with the inflow which followed the Treasurer's announcement in

Supplementary Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology – December 2020 | Responses and…

25 May 2023 Submissions
assets or using algorithmic techniques to try and match the supply of coins with demand. ... The plan is to issue Diem ‘coins’ on a blockchain-based network that users will access via third-party digital wallets and other services to make payments to

The Bank's Services and other Activities

9 Mar 2023 RBA Annual Report – 1989
Coin is transported from the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra to holding points across the country. ... From these points, notes and coin are provided to banks or armoured car companies.

About RITS

20 Mar 2023
A general overview and information papers concerning RITS and its structure

The Future of Payments: Cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins or Central Bank Digital Currencies?

18 Nov 2021 Speech
Tony Richards
Speech delivered by Tony Richards, Head of Payments Policy, to the Australian Corporate Treasury Association, Online

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10 Sep 2012 FSR – September 2012
b) Includes notes and coins, A$ debt issued by non-residents and securitised assets (excluding self-securitised assets).

Measuring Profits from Currency Issue

10 Jul 1997 Bulletin – July 1997
Bulletin – July 1997 Measuring Profits from Currency Issue. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), like most central banks, issues the currency notes in general circulation, while the Commonwealth Treasury issues coin ... Over the 1990s seigniorage from