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COIN – Community of Interest Network

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Disposal of Gold Coin Holding

21 Sep 2005 Media Releases
The Reserve Bank of Australia is selling, by public auction, coins surplus to its needs. The coins for auction include: half sovereigns; sovereigns; Adelaide pounds; some foreign coins; and some silver and copper-based coins. The RBA has appointed

Better Than A Coin Toss? The Thankless Task of Economic Forecasting

17 Aug 2004 Speech
Glenn Stevens
Speech by Glenn Stevens to the Economic Society of Victoria and the Australian Industry Group 'Economic Focus - Australia's Prospects' Conference, Melbourne

Specific Enquiries | Contacts

1 Jun 2023
This page lists phone and email addresses for the Reserve Bank of Australia


9 Jun 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

All Speeches

9 Mar 2023
Speeches by senior staff of the Reserve Bank

Appendix A. Model Specification for RBA76

1 Sep 1979 RDP 7904
John C. Taylor
Notes, coin and deposits with the Reserve Bank of all savings banks. ... NCT. Notes, coin and cash balances with the Reserve Bank of all trading banks.


9 Mar 2023
Currency Note information including: Role of the Reserve Bank; Notes in Circulation; Note and Coin Statistics; Legal Framework; Damaged Notes; Security Features and Counterfeit Detection; History of the Note Issue; Note Production; How the RBA

What is Money? | Explainer | Education

26 May 2023
This series provides short, concise explanations for various economics topics.

Bulletin Articles – 2004

9 Mar 2023 Bulletin
The Reserve Bank Bulletin is a monthly publication that contains economic commentary, feature articles, speeches and a set of statistical tables

Changes to Statistical Tables

4 Sep 2023 Statistics
Changes to Statistical Tables. Changes to Statistical Tables RSS feed. 2023. 4 September 2023. Retail Deposit and Investment Rates – F4. From 7 September 2023, this statistical table will be renamed Table F4 – Advertised Deposit Rates. No