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RBA Glossary definition for CME

CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

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Appendix B: CME Regulatory Environment and Risk Management | 2017 Assessment of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

8 Mar 2023
This practice ensures that losses on CME participants' positions do not accrue over time. ... CME assesses the adequacy of its margin models through daily and monthly back-testing.

Payments System Board Update: August 2023 Meeting

17 Aug 2023 Media Releases
Today's Payments System Board meeting discussed the annual Assessment of the ASX clearing and settlement facilities against the Financial Stability Standards, the oversight of international financial market infrastructures, prominent payment systems,

Standard 9: Money Settlements | Assessment of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. against the Financial Stability Standards for Central…

9 Mar 2023
All settlement banks must be approved by CME and sign a ‘settlement bank agreement’. ... CME maintains contractual agreements with its settlement banks; these are governed under US law.

Standard 2: Governance | Assessment of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. against the Financial Stability Standards for Central Counterparties

9 Mar 2023
The CHRC is overseen by the CME Board (see CCP Standard 2.2). ... CME Group sets maximum guidelines for annual incentives and long-term incentive awards.

Payments System Board Update: February 2016

19 Feb 2016 Media Releases
Payments System Board Update: February 2016 Meeting

Supervision of Clearing and Settlement Facilities

24 Oct 2016 PSB Annual Report – 2016
assessments of CME will focus only on progress against the Bank's regulatory priorities. ... It was therefore recommended that CME finalise its recovery and wind-down plans.


9 Aug 2023 RBA Annual Report - 2022 PDF 65KB

Japanese Retail Investors and the Carry Trade

17 Mar 2009 Bulletin PDF 255KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin March 2009

Central Counterparty Interoperability

10 Jun 2012 Bulletin – June 2012
Nicholas Garvin
An international cross-margining arrangement was set up for short-term interest rate contracts between CME Clearing and LCH. ... A mutual offset arrangement is currently in place between CME and SGX (Singapore), covering futures contracts.

Skin in the Game – Central Counterparty Risk Controls and Incentives

18 Jun 2015 Bulletin – June 2015
Louise Carter and Megan Garner
The increasing systemic importance of central counterparties (CCPs) has seen recent policy debates focus on the ability of CCPs to withstand a crisis effectively. CCPs maintain prefunded financial resources to cover the potential losses arising from