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CCP – Central counterparty

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CCP Links and Exposure

31 Dec 2013 RDP 2013-12
Nathanael Cox, Nicholas Garvin and Gerard Kelly
one between the buyer and its CCP, and one between the two CCPs. ... Figure 1: Unlinked and Linked CCPs. However, CCP links also generate exposures that could pose financial stability risks.
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CCPs and Banks: Different Risks, Different Regulations

17 Dec 2015 Bulletin – December 2015
David Hughes and Mark Manning
Recent debate on the adequacy of regulatory standards for central counterparties (CCPs) has often drawn on the experience of bank regulation. This article draws out the essential differences between CCPs and banks, considering the implications of

Standard 16: Operational Risk | Financial Stability Standards for Central Counterparties December 2012

9 Mar 2023
and operational performance requirements of the CCP Standards and other relevant standards (see CCP Standard 16.9). ... 11, and any other provisions necessary to comply with the operational requirements under the CCP Standards.


2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Skin in the Game – Central Counterparty Risk Controls and Incentives

18 Jun 2015 Bulletin – June 2015
Louise Carter and Megan Garner
The increasing systemic importance of central counterparties (CCPs) has seen recent policy debates focus on the ability of CCPs to withstand a crisis effectively. CCPs maintain prefunded financial resources to cover the potential losses arising from


22 Nov 2016 RDP 2016-07
James Hansen and Angus Moore
In this case, traders place a high value on the insurance against counterparty default provided by the CCP. ... In contrast, the constrained-efficient solution internalises the costs of traders' defaults on the CCP.
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Material Developments | 2020/21 Assessment of ASX Clearing and Settlement Facilities

9 Mar 2023
2020/21 Assessment of ASX Clearing and Settlement Facilities

Central Counterparty Margin Frameworks

7 Dec 2017 Bulletin – December 2017
Louise Carter and Duke Cole
A central counterparty's (CCP's) margin framework can affect the activity of market participants and the broader functioning of the financial system. This potential impact on financial stability is an area of focus for authorities – in Australia

Central Counterparty Interoperability

10 Jun 2012 Bulletin – June 2012
Nicholas Garvin
The three contracts are between:. the buyer and its CCP;. the two CCPs; and. ... This allows access to multiple CCPs' participant networks without the costs of maintaining multiple CCP memberships.

Key Features of Repo CCPs | Central Clearing of Repos in Australia: A Consultation Paper | Consultations

6 Mar 2015 Consultations
Since a number of CCPs overseas currently clear repos (and there used to be such a CCP in Australia), these preconditions are likely to be met for repos against high-quality, ... In addition to variation and initial margin, CCPs may levy a range of other