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RBA Glossary definition for BSB

BSB – Bank State Branch

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Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2017 - Governor’s Foreword

12 Sep 2017 RBA Annual Report 2017 PDF 110KB

Box D: The New Payments Platform and Fast Settlement Service

10 Apr 2018 FSR – April 2018
In addition, the ability to address payments to an email address, phone number or ABN (rather than to a BSB and account number) and the subsequent confirmation of the name of

Fast Payments in Australia

13 Mar 2018 Speech
Michele Bullock
Speech delivered by Michele Bullock, Assistant Governor (Financial System), to Seamless Payments 2018, Sydney

Issues in Payments Systems

23 Oct 2014 Speech
Glenn Stevens
Transcript of remarks by Glenn Stevens prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Payments Clearing Association, Sydney

Bulletin June Quarter 2023

13 Jun 2023 Bulletin - June 2023 PDF 8388KB

The Path to Innovation in Payments Infrastructure in Australia

26 Sep 2014 Speech
Anthony Richards
Speech by Tony Richards at the Chicago Payments Symposium, Chicago

Trends in Mobile Payments in Developing and Advanced Economies

20 Mar 2013 Bulletin PDF 1117KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin March 2013

Box D: The New Payments Platform and Fast Settlement Service

10 Feb 2020 FSR April 2018 PDF 588KB

03/10/2018 An Update on Australia's New Payments Platform | ...

3 Oct 2018 Speech PDF 213KB
This is in contrast to the existing Bank-State-Branch (BSB) and account numbers of theDirect Entry system, which requires the sender to correctly enter up to 15 digits.

Update on the Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System

28 Aug 2013 Speech
Anthony Richards
Speech by Tony Richards to the Future of Digital Payments Conference, Sydney