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BCS – Business Characteristics Survey

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Which Firms Get Credit Evidence From Firm Level Data

12 Dec 2018 Bulletin - December 2018 PDF 481KB

Securitisation and the Commercial Property Cycle | Conference – 2012

20 Aug 2012 Conferences
Frank Packer and Timothy Riddiough
RBA Annual Conference – 2012 Securitisation and the Commercial Property Cycle Frank Packer and Timothy Riddiough. The financial crisis of 2007–2009 was triggered by declining housing prices and propagated by securitisation. Combined with high

Which Firms Get Credit? Evidence from Firm-level Data

13 Dec 2018 Bulletin – December 2018
Gabriela Araujo and Jonathan Hambur
To improve our understanding of how lenders assess firms’ creditworthiness, this article relates the characteristics of firms to whether their applications for credit were approved.

Household Saving in Australia

4 Feb 2015 RDP PDF 1171KB
Research Discussion Paper. Household Saving in Australia. Richard Finlay and Fiona Price. RDP 2014-03. The Discussion Paper series is intended to make the results of the current economic research within the Reserve Bank available to other economists.

A Model of Money Finance and Flexible Prices

1 Aug 1986 RDP 8611
Jeffrey R. Sheen
In Figure 1a, the two possible saddlepaths (from (22)) are shown as BC and AB. ... In the stagflation zone, BC, fiscal pump-priming or declines in the underlying population and capital augmenting growth rate, n, must eventually engender a collapse of the

International Business Cycle Co-movements through Time

27 Nov 2006 Conferences PDF 340KB
RBA Conference Volume 2005

DSGE Reno: Adding a Housing Block to a Small Open Economy Model

11 Jun 2018 RDP PDF 1710KB
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RBAFOI-181918 - Documents for Release

14 Jun 2019 PDF 4284KB
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Financial Market Volatility – Some Facts

1 Dec 1995 RDP 9513
David Gruen
While the monthly percentage change in exchange rate AC is (approximately) equal to the sum of the monthly percentage changes in exchange rates AB and BC, the same statement is not

The Slowdown in US Productivity Growth: Breaks and Beliefs

26 Oct 2016 RDP PDF 1630KB
relationships:.    1. I BQ BC C.    (4).