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BCS – Business Characteristics Survey

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

What is Money? | Explainer | Education

26 May 2023
This series provides short, concise explanations for various economics topics.

Data Sources

8 Mar 2017 RDP 2017-01
David Reifschneider and Peter Tulip
TB, CEA, BC, SPF. TB, BC, SPF. 1 (3rd quarter). TB, CBO, SPF. ... TB, BC, SPF. TB, CBO, BC, SPF. TB, BC, SPF. 2 (2nd quarter).
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1 Jun 1993 RDP 9305
Jerome Fahrer and Andrew Pease
In Section 3 we estimate some simple functional forms for the BC over a sample period beginning in 1966. ... In Section 4 we estimate an equilibrium BC using a functional form suggested by Layard, Nickell and Jackman (1991).
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Gauging the Uncertainty of the Economic Outlook Using Historical Forecasting Errors: The Federal Reserve’s Approach

27 Feb 2017 RDP PDF 1444KB
Gauging the Uncertainty of the Economic Outlook Using Historical Forecasting. Errors: The Federal Reserve’s Approach. David Reifschneider and Peter Tulip. Research Discussion Paper. R D P 2017- 01. The contents of this publication shall not be


31 Dec 2015 RDP 2015-13
Ivan Roberts and Graham White
Findley DF, BC Monsell, WR Bell, MC Otto and B-C Chen (1998), ‘New Capabilities and Methods of the X-12-ARIMA Seasonal-Adjustment Program’,. ... Journal of Business & Economic Statistics. , 16(2), pp 127–152. Findley DF, BC Monsell, HB Shulman and

Does Innovation Make (SME) Firms More Productive? | Conference – 2015

19 Mar 2015 Conferences
Alfons Palangkaraya, Thomas Spurling and Elizabeth Webster
0/1. Innovation diversity. BCS. (a). Number of different types of innovations introduced. ... 0/1. Foreign-owned. BCS. Business reports any degree of foreign ownership. 0/1.

Does Innovation Make (SME) Firms More Productive?

21 Aug 2015 Conferences PDF 267KB
RBA Conference Volume 2015

Capital Flows to China and the Issue of Hot Money: An Empirical Investigation

6 Dec 2010 Research Workshop PDF 234KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Research Workshop 2010

What is Money?

26 May 2023 PDF 5345KB
Roman coinAn ancient Roman coin made from gold, depicting the Emperor Augustus, dating from between 4 BC and 2 AD.