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BCBS – Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (of the BIS)

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Box C: Global Systemically Important Banks

27 Mar 2012 FSR – March 2012 PDF 98KB

International Financial Co-operation

25 Oct 2010 RBA Annual Report – 2010
Singapore. The BCBS is the international standard-setter in the area of bank regulation and supervision. ... The Assistant Governor (Financial System) and the Chairman of APRA represent Australia on the BCBS.

Box C: The Countercyclical Capital Buffer

14 Apr 2016 FSR April 2016 PDF 218KB

Box C: Recent Developments in Australian Banks’ Capital Position and Return on Equity

13 Oct 2016 FSR October 2016 PDF 233KB

Identifying Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions

18 Dec 2014 Bulletin – December 2014
Mustafa Yuksel
A key element of the G20 response to the global financial crisis has been to develop policies to address the ‘too-big-to-fail’ problem posed by systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs). The first step is to identify such entities.

Financial Regulation and Australian Dollar Liquid Assets

10 Sep 2012 Bulletin – September 2012
Alexandra Heath and Mark Manning
BCBS (2010b), Results of the Comprehensive Quantitative Impact Study, Bank for International Settlements, Basel, December. ... BCBS (2012), Fundamental Review of the Trading Book, Consultative Document, Bank for International Settlements, Basel, May.

Regulatory and Industry Developments | Report on the Australian OTC Derivatives Market October 2012

9 Mar 2023
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS). Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS). ... 3.2.5 BCBS-IOSCO working group on margin requirements for non-centrally cleared trades.

Developments in the Financial System Architecture

10 Feb 2020 FSR - April 2017 PDF 1324KB

Financial Stability: Ten Questions and about Seven Answers | Conference – 2010

9 Feb 2010 Conferences
Jaime Caruana
is distorted by an inadequate assessment of the riskiness of assets (BCBS 2009d). ... BCBS (2009b), ‘Principles for Sound Stress Testing Practices and Supervision’, final paper, May.

Identifying Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions

17 Dec 2014 Bulletin December Quarter 2014 PDF 1091KB