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BAS – Business activity statement

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The Economics of Shadow Banking

6 Jan 2014 Conferences PDF 316KB
RBA Conference Volume 2013

Biographies of Contributors

10 Dec 2012 Conferences PDF 481KB
RBA Conference Volume 2012


18 Jan 2022 RDP 2022-01
Peter Rickards
To ensure the features of the Australian system are captured as best as possible, an important avenue for future research is the explicit incorporation of business loan losses into BA-MARTIN ... We look forward to seeing how BA-MARTIN is used in the


27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – 2022
BA. Bachelor of Arts. BCBS. Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (of the BIS).

Biographies of Contributors | Conference – 2018

12 Apr 2018 Conferences
system. Jon graduated with a BA in Economics and Econometrics (First Class Honours) from the Australian National University. ... Rebecca holds a BCom (Hons) in Economics and a BA in History from the University of Canterbury.

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18 Jan 2022 RDP 2022-01
Peter Rickards
This code will need to be appended to the MARTIN model to generate BA-MARTIN responses. ... nmr = nmr_ba. nbr = nbr_ba. In addition to the data in the MARTIN model, the data used in generating the results in the RDP are:.

The Consequences of Low Interest Rates for the Australian Banking Sector

21 Dec 2022 RDP 2022-08
Anthony Brassil
Research Discussion Paper – RDP 2022-08 The Consequences of Low Interest Rates for the Australian Banking Sector. Anthony Brassil. December 2022. 1.6. MB. This paper is an updated version of a paper that was commissioned for the RBA’s 2022

MARTIN Gets a Bank Account: Adding a Banking Sector to the RBA’s Macroeconometric Model

12 Jan 2022 RDP PDF 1774KB
19. 4.1 The downside scenario 20. 4.2 The downside scenario in BA-MARTIN 20. ... augmented MARTIN or BA-MARTIN) improves our ability to model the economy and allows us to.

The Australian Labour Market in the 2000s: The Quiet Decade

13 Dec 2011 Conferences PDF 1293KB
RBA Conference Volume 2011

The Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy on the Overnight Interbank Market

19 Dec 2013 Conferences PDF 1219KB
RBA Conference Volume 2013