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AusPayNet – Australian Payments Network. A public company owned by banks, building societies and credit unions which has specific accountability for key parts of the Australian payments system, particularly payments clearing operations.

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The Australian Debit Card Market: Default Settings and Tokenisation – Conclusions Paper

28 Sep 2023 Media Releases
The Reserve Bank of Australia has released a Conclusions Paper setting out the conclusions of its recent public consultation on options for further enhancing the competitiveness, efficiency and safety of Australia’s debit card market.

AusPayNet Submission

28 Sep 2023 PDF 278KB
Tokenisation. AusPayNet is the industry association and self-regulatory body for the Australian payments industry. ... AusPayNet currently. has more than 150 members including financial institutions, payment system operators, major.

The Australian Debit Card Market: Default Settings and Tokenisation

28 Sep 2023 Consultations PDF 404KB
draft more specific tokenisation standards if required. The Bank will work with AusPayNet and. ... security benefits of tokenisation. According to AusPayNet data, in 2022 fraudsters made more than.

NAB Submission

28 Sep 2023 PDF 778KB
with the AusPayNet working group findings and defers to AusPayNet’s submission on this matter.

Stripe Response to RBA Consultation on DNDC and Tokenization 2023

28 Sep 2023 PDF 219KB
We understand thatissuers generally have that visibility today. However, as highlighted by the lack of consensus in the AusPayNet Working Group on thebest way to set or enforce these standards, we ... suggest that consideration be given toconducting

MRC Submission

28 Sep 2023 PDF 181KB
This is true for both one-off and reoccurring transactions. The real impact elsewhere – A distinction was noted between what the RBA and AusPayNet have requested versus what the RBI requires

Visa Submission

28 Sep 2023 PDF 301KB
through AusPayNet and to provide our perspectives on the tokenisation of DNDCs for online. ... payments. As the RBA notes in its issues paper, “the AusPayNet working group did not consider.

Payments System Board

18 Sep 2023
Payments System Board. Responsibilities and Powers. The Payments System Board's responsibilities and powers are set out in four separate Acts. These are:. Reserve Bank Act 1959. ;. Payment Systems (Regulation) Act 1998. ;. Payment Systems and

Assessment of the Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System - June 2022

12 Sep 2023 PDF 870KB
In April 2021, the Bank and the Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet) established two industry working groups to implement the associated recommendations. ... AusPayNet), in consultation with its members. Mastercard Batch. Mastercard brand credit and

2021 Assessment of the Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System

11 Sep 2023 PDF 1366KB
arrangements following such an attack. During the assessment period, the Bank and the Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet) established. ... standard. A 20022 Industry Migration Steering Committee has also been established by AusPayNet to.