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RBA Glossary definition for AWOTE

AWOTE – Average weekly ordinary-time earnings. A measure of earnings for full-time employed adults compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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9 Jun 2023
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Appendix B: Data Definitions

31 Mar 1999 RDP 1999-03
Andrea Brischetto and Gordon de Brouwer
No. 6414.0. Nominal unit labour costs, Reserve Bank of Australia. Private sector AWOTE, (sa), ABS Cat.

Semi-Annual Statement on Monetary Policy

10 May 1997 Bulletin – May 1997
Graph 19. The overall increase in AWOTE masks divergent behaviour between the estimated public and private-sector components during the past year, which complicates the interpretation of recent trends. ... These considerations suggest, on balance, that

What Moves Yields in Australia?

1 Dec 2009 RDP PDF 285KB
In Australia’s case,this mainly affects AWOTE. We have not investigated the effect of announced revisions. ... the CPI and AWOTE.The corresponding announcements for bond yields are: the labour force, the CPI andmonetary policy announcements.

Statement by the Governor, Mr Bernie Fraser: Reduction in Interest Rates

31 Jul 1996 Media Releases
Announcement of reduction in the cash rate by 0.5 percent, to around 7 per cent

Appendix D: 25 Largest Movements in Yields During 15-minute Intervals

1 Jul 1998 RDP 9808
Frank Campbell and Eleanor Lewis
11.30 – 11.45 am. CPI & AWOTE. 2. 12.0. 4 May 95. ... 11.45 – 12.00 pm. CPI & AWOTE. 10. 6.0. 26 Apr 95.
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Measuring Wages

10 Dec 1996 Bulletin – December 1996
These factors mean that AWOTE has tended to have greater cyclical variation than either awards or enterprise agreements. ... The slowing of growth in AWOTE over the past year is in large part a result of the softer labour market.

Box D: Measures of Labour Costs

7 Feb 2006 SMP – February 2006
Graph D1. Both AWOTE and AENA are measures of the average wage bill. ... AWOTE. 4.7. 6.3. AENA. (a). 3.6. 3.2. Average of wage bill measures.

Box D: Measures of Labour Costs

10 Feb 2006 SMP - February 2006 PDF 38KB

Statement on Monetary Policy

30 Jul 2003 SMP PDF 41KB
Graph B1. AWE and AWOTE are both sourced fromthe Average Weekly Earnings survey andexclude non-wage labour costs such as. ... 3. In practice, AWOTE cannot be easily matched with an equivalent productivity measure, as there is no separatemeasure of output