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RBA Glossary definition for ASX

ASX – The Australian Securities Exchange is Australia's primary national exchange for equities, warrants and equity-related derivatives.

RBA Glossary definition for ASX Net

ASX Net – The ASX Net network infrastructure (previously Austraclear National Network Infrastructure – ANNI)

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

RITS Schedule of Fees

6 Oct 2021
List of all fees associated with RITS

About RITS

20 Mar 2023
A general overview and information papers concerning RITS and its structure

Changes to Statistical Tables

24 May 2023 Statistics
Their definitions will also change to only net short-term forward FX commitments. ... That is, these series will not net forward commitments with greater than 12 months to maturity.

5. Assessment of Clearing and Settlement Facilities against the Financial Stability Standards | 2011/12 Assessment of Clearing and…

9 Mar 2023
2011/12 compliance report for clearing and settlement facilities

General Background | 2013 Self-assessment of the Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System

9 Mar 2023
These multilateral net obligations are calculated by the Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System (CHESS), which is operated by ASX Settlement. ... In automating the optimisation process, ASX Collateral applies an optimisation algorithm developed

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10 Aug 2011 SMP – August 2011
0.5. 0.2. GNE. 0.8. 3.1. Net exports. (a). 2.4. 2.8. GDP. ... 15.7. 16.8. ASX 200. 11.6. 12.4. (a) Outstanding short positions divided by short turnover.

List of tables

10 May 2007 SMP – May 2007
a). 0.0. 0.7. 0.2. GNE. (b). 0.1. 2.2. 4.0. Net exports. ... Broad money. 0.9. 1.0. 0.8. 1.2. Source: RBA. Table 10: Non-government Net Bond Issuance by Sector.

Material Developments | Assessment of ASX Clearing and Settlement Facilities

9 Mar 2023
ASX plans to extend this risk monitoring system to ASX Clear in 2019. ... trades. In order to provide ASX Clear with more timely notice of a large intraday change in cash market exposures, ASX Clear introduced intraday monitoring and reporting on

Australian Capital Flows

15 Jun 2017 Bulletin – June 2017
Susan Black, Blair Chapman and Callan Windsor
Capital inflows have underpinned the expansion of Australia's productive capacity for the past 200 years or more. Recently, there have been three noteworthy changes in the composition of these flows. First, most inflows to the mining sector are now