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RBA Glossary definition for ASEAN

ASEAN – Association of Southeast Asian Nations

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The Role of Developing Economies

8 Jan 2010 RDP 2009-10
Adam Cagliarini and Warwick McKibbin
3.1. 2.0. 0.4. 0.7. NIEs. 1967. 4.5. 2.6. 0.6. 1.5. ASEAN-4. ... ASEAN-4 consists of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Source: IMF (2006).

Bond Market Development in East Asia

12 Dec 2003 Bulletin PDF 446KB
December 2003Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin. 1. Bond Market Developmentin East Asia1. The development of bond markets in theAsian region has become a focus of policy-makers over the past few years, with at leastthree intergovernmental working

Regional Financial Arrangements: Recent Developments

15 Apr 2004 Speech
Glenn Stevens
Speech by Glenn Stevens to the APEC Business Forum 2004, Sydney

East Asian Corporate Bond Markets

18 Sep 2013 Bulletin PDF 578KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin September Quarter 2013

Global Relative Price Shocks: The Role of Macroecnomic Policies

11 Jan 2010 RDP PDF 199KB
NIEs 1967 4.5 2.6 0.6 1.5. ASEAN-4 1973 2.8 1.6 0.9 0.0. ... ASEAN-4 consists of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Source: IMF (2006).

Recent Investment and Saving Trends Within East Asia

13 Apr 2006 Bulletin PDF 55KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin April 2006

Semi-Annual Statement on Monetary Policy

6 Feb 2013 Bulletin PDF 479KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin November 1997

Changes in the Characteristics of the Australian Business Cycle: Some Lessons for Monetary Policy from the 1980s and Early 1990s

31 Jan 2006 RDP PDF 758KB
CHANGES IN THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS CYCLE: SOME LESSONS FOR. MONETARY POLICY FROM THE 1980s AND EARLY 1990s. Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Michele Bullock. Research Discussion Paper 9212. December 1992. Economic Research

Discussion on The Case for a Basket, Band and Crawl (BBC) Regime for East Asia | Conference – 2001

24 Jul 2001 Conferences
As a first step towards closer economic and financial cooperation, the Chiang Mai Initiative, including the ASEAN nations, Japan, Korea and China, was launched in May 2000. ... Separately, the ASEAN 10 nations agreed to expand the existing $200 million

The International Environment

10 Feb 2020 SMP - May 2018 PDF 3324KB