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RBA Glossary definition for ASEAN

ASEAN – Association of Southeast Asian Nations

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Semi-Annual Statement on Monetary Policy

10 Nov 1997 Bulletin – November 1997
the ASEAN-4 region), in some cases by a large margin (Table 3). ... Table 3: Goods Exports of the ASEAN-4 Countries. (a). Per cent of GDP.

The Growth and Development of the Indonesian Economy

10 Dec 2011 Bulletin – December 2011
Stephen Elias and Clare Noone
Over the years ahead, these trade ties are likely to strengthen further as policies negotiated under the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement come into force. ... DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) (2011), ‘ASEAN-Australia-New

Recent Investment and Saving Trends Within East Asia

10 Apr 2006 Bulletin – April 2006
David Orsmond and Jessica Trinder
The region's current account deficits in the 1980s and early to mid 1990s were primarily driven by the ASEAN-4 (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand). ... decrease, although the fall in the investment ratio was much larger in the ASEAN-4

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10 Feb 2012 SMP – February 2012
4.4. 4.9. (a) Based on the IMF forecasts for the newly industrialised Asian economies and the ASEAN-5 categories.

Is There a Currency Bloc in the Pacific?

12 Feb 2007 Conferences PDF 76KB
RBA Conference Volume 1993

Reserve Bank Bulletin

17 Dec 2001 Bulletin PDF 73KB
One of the initial aims of SEACEN was to establish an ASEAN votinggroup for the IMF and the IBRD. ... More recently, ASEAN hasset up a surveillance mechanism, with theassistance of the ADB, in an effort toforesee and forestall crises. •

Destinations and Uses of East Asian Merchandise Exports

10 Jun 2011 Bulletin – June 2011
Ashley Craig, Stephen Elias and Clare Noone
the region, including China and the ASEAN-5. ... We follow the IMF in defining the ASEAN-5 as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Is There a Currency Bloc in the Pacific? | Conference – 1993

12 Jul 1993 Conferences
Jeffrey A. Frankel and Shang-Jin Wei
ground but which, in 1991, endorsed the idea of an ASEAN Free Trade Association (AFTA). ... One can check how the level and time trend in, for example, ASEAN compares with that in other groupings.

Statement to Parliamentary Committee

26 Feb 2001 Bulletin PDF 45KB
These are collectively much moreimportant than the ASEAN four. Of course,some of the underlying problems that afflictthe ASEAN four also apply, although moremodestly, to some of these countries. ... Again, lastyear – in calendar 1996 – there was

Internationalising the Renminbi

10 Jun 2012 Bulletin – June 2012
Lynne Cockerell and Michael Shoory
RMB trade settlement. Jul 2009. Initial pilot scheme between five Mainland cities and Hong Kong, Macau and ASEAN. ... trade denominated in RMB with trading partners in Hong Kong, Macau and the ASEAN countries.