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APEC – Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. APEC was established in 1989 and has become the primary regional vehicle for promoting open trade and practical economic cooperation. It has 21 member countries, including Australia.

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Is There a Currency Bloc in the Pacific? | Conference – 1993

12 Jul 1993 Conferences
Jeffrey A. Frankel and Shang-Jin Wei
two right places to draw the boundaries: around East Asia and around APEC. ... Also, as in earlier results, the strongest grouping in the world in the 1980s was APEC.

Central Bank Cooperation in the Asian Region

4 Jun 2003 Bulletin PDF 52KB
APEC now comprises18 members, including some non-Asiancountries.1. It is a substantial bloc. ... It should alsoenhance APEC’s leverage on other regionaland international groups professing similarobjectives.


9 Aug 2023 RBA Annual Report - 2022 PDF 65KB


27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – 2022
AOFM. Australian Office of Financial Management. APC. Australian Payments Council. APEC.

The Challenge of Ageing Populations

22 Jun 2005 Speech
Malcolm Edey
Speech by Malcolm Edey to the Fifth APEC Future Economic Leaders Think-tank, Sydney

Bond Market Development in East Asia

10 Dec 2003 Bulletin – December 2003
The main focus of APEC and ASEAN3 has been on providing the infrastructure for the development of viable local currency bond markets. ... The APEC grouping's work spans the harmonisation of regulatory infrastructure, the development of securitisation and

Introduction | Conference – 1993

12 Jul 1993 Conferences
Adrian Blundell-Wignall
A fourth issue concerns whether or not policies to promote regional trading ‘blocs’ – the APEC grouping in Australia's case – are likely to enhance export performance. ... He examines most well-known country groupings and, of particular interest

Regional Financial Arrangements: Recent Developments

18 May 2004 Bulletin PDF 37KB
Remarks by Mr GR Stevens, Deputy Governor,to the APEC Business Forum 2004, Sydney,15 April 2004. ... Apart from APEC and EMEAP mentionedabove, there is also work being done underthe auspices of ASEAN plus 3, and the AsianCooperation Dialogue.

Recent Developments in Asian Bond Markets

15 Dec 2004 Speech
Ric Battellino
Speech by Ric Battellino to the 17th Australasian Finance & Banking Conference, Sydney

Governance Arrangements for Effective Public Financial Policies: A Central Banker's Perspective

11 Nov 2005 Bulletin PDF 77KB
Remarks by GR Stevens to the APEC Business Advisory Council, the Asian Bankers' Association and the Pacific Economic Co-operation Council Symposium on Promoting Good Governance and Transparency in APEC Financial Institutions 19 October 2005