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RBA Glossary definition for APCS

APCS – Australian Paper Clearing System operated by Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet)

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28 Sep 2022 PSB Annual Report – 2022
ADI. Authorised deposit-taking institution. APC. Australian Payments Council. APRA. Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.


21 Oct 2021 RBA Annual Report – 2021
AOFM. Australian Office of Financial Management. APC. Australian Payments Council. APEC.

Banking and Payment Services

12 Apr 2020 RBA Annual Report – 2020
In February 2020, the Reserve Bank and the Australian Payments Council (APC) completed a consultation with industry in relation to key strategic decisions required for the Australian high-value payments system ... Since the release of the Reserve Bank


17 Oct 2019 RBA Annual Report – 2019
APC. Australian Payments Council. APEC. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. API. Application Programming Interface.

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology – December 2019 | Payments System | Submissions

28 Dec 2019 Submissions
The Bank has strongly supported work by the payments industry, led by the APC, to facilitate the development of digital identity services in Australia. ... The APC completed the first version of a ‘TrustID’ digital identity framework in June.


9 Mar 2023
Links to current determinations imposed by the Reserve Bank under the Cheques Act 1986 and links to relevant media releases

Banking and Payment Services

17 Oct 2019 RBA Annual Report – 2019
In April 2019, the Reserve Bank and the Australian Payments Council (APC) released the first in a series of three consultation papers in relation to key strategic decisions required for the ... The Bank and the APC are expecting to release the summary of

Modernising Payments Messaging: The ISO 20022 Standard

17 Sep 2020 Bulletin – September 2020
Tarnia Major and Joseph Mangano
Electronic payments rely on the exchange of messages to instruct the flow of funds between financial institutions.


20 Oct 2014 RDP PDF 781KB
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Year 2000 Preparations in the Australian Banking and Financial System September 1999

25 Feb 2001 PDF 379KB
Year 2000 Preparations in theAustralian Banking and. Financial System. September 1999. Council of Financial Regulators. This booklet describes measures that have beenundertaken in Australia by financial institutions. and financial sector regulators