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ANZSIC – Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification

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Read me file for Doing Less, with Less: Capital Misallocation, Investment and the Productivity Slowdown in Australia

17 Mar 2023 RDP PDF 144KB
RDP 2023-03 supplementary information

Internationalisation, Firm Conduct and Productivity | Conference – 1994

11 Jul 1994 Conferences
Henry Ergas and Mark Wright
Aimed at firms with more than 20 employees, the survey was stratified across 12 ASIC/ANZSIC industry codes and three size categories (by employees: 20–49, 50–99 and over 100).

Appendix C: Extra DD Results

22 Jun 2018 RDP 2018-07
David Rodgers and Jonathan Hambur
The key difference from the business-level specification, Equation (1), is the replacement of the business fixed effects with ANZSIC division by size dummies.
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The GFC Investment Tax Break

16 Jan 2019 RDP PDF 1792KB
t – 1, and ANZSIC division dummies.16 While the RD approach does not require the inclusion of. ... 15 Clustering the errors by 4-digit ANZSIC group leads to slightly higher p-values, but does not change the significance.

Housing Prices and Entrepreneurship: Evidence for the Housing Collateral Channel in Australia | Conference – 2015

19 Mar 2015 Conferences
Ellis Connolly, Gianni La Cava and Matthew Read
the postcode in which the company's headquarters are located. the four-digit Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) code. ... to very large companies) and for each 1-digit ANZSIC industry division (e.g.

Appendix A: Description and Sources of Data

1 Dec 1996 RDP 9612
Gordon de Brouwer and John Romalis
The industry classification of the national accounts changed in September 1994 from the ASIC to the ANZSIC system.

Labour-productivity Growth and Relative Wages: 1978-1994

1 Dec 2009 RDP PDF 200KB
Standard Industrial Classification (ASIC) to the Australian and New Zealand StandardIndustrial Classification (ANZSIC) system. ... b) ASIC and ANZSIC data have been used to construct the percentage changes.

RBAFOI-222312 - Documents for Release

11 Oct 2022 PDF 1298KB
Errors clustered at division level (1-digit ANZSIC). Column 1 and 3 include 2008, 2010, 2014 and 2018.Column 2 and 5 contain 2012, 2014, 2018.

Is Declining Union Membership Contributing to Low Wages Growth?

2 Apr 2019 RDP PDF 1832KB
ANZSIC). 30 Xijst includes the log of the number of employees covered by the agreement and a dummy for multi-enterprise.

Appendix B: Additional Details on the Model

23 Nov 2020 RDP 2020-07
James Bishop and Iris Day
s. a. m. p. l. e. k. ]. , where k denotes 1-digit ANZSIC 2006 industry division.
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