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ANZSIC – Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification

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Labour-Productivity Growth and Relative Wages: 1978–1994 | Conference – 1995

31 Dec 1978 Conferences
Philip Lowe
made difficult due to changes in industry definitions brought about by the switch from ASIC to ANZSIC classifications. ... b) ASIC and ANZSIC data have been used to construct the percentage changes.

The Financial Position of Australian Unlisted Businesses

10 Dec 2010 Bulletin – December 2010
Tom Bilston and Melissa Watson
In this article we have aggregated the industries in the ANZSIC 2006 classification into eight industry groups: agriculture (agriculture, forestry & fishing); construction, transport & other (construction, transport, postal & warehousing and other);

Structural Change in the Australian Economy

10 Sep 2010 Bulletin – September 2010
Ellis Connolly and Christine Lewis
In this article we have aggregated the 19 industries in the ANZSIC 2006 classification into 8 industry groups, excluding ownership of dwellings: agriculture (agriculture, forestry & fishing); mining; manufacturing; construction; distribution

Labour-Productivity Growth and Relative Wages: 1978-1994

7 Dec 2006 Conferences PDF 125KB
RBA Conference Volume 1995

Doing Less, with Less: Capital Misallocation, Investment and the Productivity Slowdown in Australia

16 Mar 2023 RDP PDF 1288KB
at a four-digit ANZSIC 2006 level (the finest possible level of industry classification). ... ANZSIC 4-digit industries. We allocate industries as being amongst the top quartile of most exposed.

The Business Services Sector

22 Mar 2013 Bulletin – March 2013
Josef Manalo and David Orsmond
The business services sector has become increasingly important in the Australian economy. The strong growth in its output and employment has been largely driven by demand for the professional, scientific and technical inputs that firms in this

The Manufacturing Sector: Adapting to Structural Change

10 Mar 2001 Bulletin – March 2001
Jacqueline Dwyer and Justin Fabo
Table 2: Simple Average General Tariff Rate for Goods in Selected ANZSIC Industries, 1 January 2000.

Appendix B: Additional Results

22 Mar 2023 RDP 2023-03
Jonathan Hambur and Dan Andrews
Table B9: Capital Reallocation by Selected ANZSIC Divisions. Growth in non-current assets.

The Business Services Sector

20 Mar 2013 Bulletin PDF 2044KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin March 2013

The Australian Economy in 2007

18 Mar 2010 Speech PDF 124KB
Address to the Australian Industry Group, Economy 2007, Sydney, 7 March 2007