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ABF – Asian Bond Fund

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9 Jun 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

International Financial Co-operation

8 Sep 2005 RBA Annual Report – 2005
The overall aim of the ABF project has been to accelerate the deepening of local currency bond markets in Asia, following the dislocation that resulted from the Asian crisis in 1997 ... The Working Group on Financial Markets, under guidance from the

Regional Financial Arrangements: Recent Developments

15 Apr 2004 Speech
Glenn Stevens
Speech by Glenn Stevens to the APEC Business Forum 2004, Sydney

International Market Operations

29 Dec 2022
The Reserve Bank also has investments in a number of Asian debt markets through participation in the EMEAP Asian Bond Fund (ABF) Initiative.

EMEAP Press Statement

12 May 2005 Media Release
The Reserve Bank of Australia, together with the other ten central banks and monetary authorities from East Asia and the Pacific which make up the EMEAP Group today announced that the Asian Bond Fund 2 (ABF2) has moved into its implementation phase

Macroprudential Policy: A Suite of Tools or a State of Mind?

11 Oct 2012 Speech
Luci Ellis
Speech by Luci Ellis to the Paul Woolley Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality Annual Conference, Sydney

East Asian Corporate Bond Markets

19 Sep 2013 Bulletin – September 2013
Mark Hack and Cathie Close
East Asian corporate bond markets have grown significantly over the past decade. The expansion of these markets has been underpinned by strong economic growth and regulatory initiatives that have helped to improve market infrastructure and encourage

Regional Financial Arrangements: Recent Developments

18 May 2004 Bulletin PDF 37KB
Then we have the Asian Bond Fund beingdeveloped by the eleven central banks in theAsia Pacific region known as EMEAP.1 Thefirst step (ABF I) was the creation of a fundwhich ... This fund commencedoperations last July.2 The second and moredifficult, but

Bond Market Development in East Asia

10 Dec 2003 Bulletin – December 2003
New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) has established the Asian Bond Fund (ABF), in conjunction with the Bank for International Settlements. ... The establishment of the US-dollar denominated ABF is only a small step when judged against

Remarks on Financial Integration in the Asia Pacific

16 Jun 2015 Speech
Guy Debelle
Speech delivered by Debelle, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets), at the Launch of the Australian Centre for Financial Studies report on Financial Integration in the Asia Pacific, Sydney