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RBA Glossary definition for A$

A$ – Australian dollar; ISO 4217 currency code AUD

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Reserve Bank of Australia

7 Jun 2023
We are Australia's central bank. We conduct monetary policy, work to maintain a strong financial system and issue the nation's currency.

Official Reserve Assets – May 2023

7 Jun 2023 Statistics
Table 1: Official Reserve Assets. (A$ million). This table presents Australian dollar data on the level and composition of the Reserve Bank's Official Reserve Assets (ORA) holdings as at the ... The A$ values shown for SDRs and Reserve position in the

Financial Regulation and Australian Dollar Liquid Assets

10 Sep 2012 Bulletin – September 2012
Alexandra Heath and Mark Manning
33. 17. 50. 18. Total bank assets. 1,640. 2,411. 2,636. (a) Share of total A$ assets (per cent), subcomponents are the share of liquid assets. ... d) Includes notes and coins, A$ debt issued by non-residents and securitised assets (excluding

The Australian Economy and Financial Markets

1 Jun 2023 Chart Pack PDF 5773KB
The Australian Economy and Financial Markets - June 2023

Inflation Overview

22 Mar 2023
Inflation. Consumer Price Index. 7.0 %. Annual change March quarter 2023. Monthly Indicator. 6.8 %. April 2023. Inflation is an increase in the level of prices of the goods and services that households typically buy. A powerful lesson from history

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10 Mar 2006 FSR – March 2006
Notional values outstanding in A$ billion, as at March 2005. Long foreign. ... currency/short. A$ positions. Short foreign. currency/long. A$ positions. Net position. Forward foreign exchange.

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10 Feb 2008 SMP – February 2008
For the forecast period, technical assumptions include A$ at US$0.89, TWI at 69, cash rate at 7.0 per cent, and WTI crude oil price at US$86 per barrel and

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10 May 2007 SMP – May 2007
61.9. 82.5. 78.0. 90.5. 24.5. A$ bond issues by non-resident entities. ... For the forecast period, technical assumptions include A$ at US$0.83, TWI at 67, cash rate at 6.25 per cent, and WTI crude oil price at US$65 per barrel.

Exchange Rates Overview

22 Mar 2023
Exchange rates. As at 4.00 pm, 7 June 2023. AUD/USD. 0.6678. Trade-weighted Index. 61.5. See currencies included in the TWI. Any exchange rate can be quoted two ways, for example, Australian dollars (AUD) for a unit of foreign currency, or a unit