Researcher Profiles Jonathan Kearns

Jonathan is Head of Financial Stability Department. He has previously been Head of Economic Analysis Department, Head of Economic Research Department and Deputy Head of Domestic Financial Markets Department. He has also worked at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel. His published research has mainly been in the fields of international finance and macroeconomics. Jonathan has a PhD from MIT and a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from the Australian National University.

Academic publications

  • Ferrari M, J Kearns and A Schrimpf (2021) ‘Monetary Policy's Rising FX Impact in the Era of Ultra-low Rates’ Journal of Banking and Finance, 129, pp 106–142.
  • Kearns J, M Major and D Norman (2021) ‘How Risky is Australian Household Debt?’ Australian Economic Review, 54(3), pp 313–330.
  • Kearns J and P Manners (2006) ‘The Impact of Monetary Policy on the Exchange Rate: A Study Using Intraday Data’ International Journal of Central Banking, 2(4), pp 157–183.
  • Kearns J (2006) ‘Commodity Currencies: Why Are Exchange Rate Futures Biased If Commodity Futures Are Not?’ Economic Record, 83(260), pp 60–73.
  • Caballero R, K Cowan and J Kearns (2005) ‘Fear of Sudden Stops: Lessons from Australia and Chile’ The Journal of Policy Reform, 8(4), pp 313–354.
  • Kearns J and R Rigobon (2005) ‘Identifying the Efficacy of Central Bank Intervention: Evidence from Australia and Japan’ Journal of International Economics, 66(1), pp 31–48.

Other Research Papers

Policy Publications

  • Kearns J and N Patel (2016) ‘Does the Financial Channel of Exchange Rates Offset the Trade Channel?’ BIS Quarterly Review, December, pp 95–113.
  • Banerjee R, J Kearns and MJ Lombardi (2016) ‘(Why) Is Investment Weak?’ BIS Quarterly Review, March, pp 67–82.
  • Domanski D, J Kearns, MJ Lombardi and HS Shin (2015) ‘Oil and Debt’ BIS Quarterly Review, March, pp 55–65.
  • Kearns J (2009) ‘The Australian Money Market in a Global Crisis’ RBA Bulletin, June, pp 15–27.