Researcher Profiles Brian Tran

Brian develops and applies macroeconometric models to gain insights into several important economic issues, including macroeconomic uncertainty, commodity prices and the transmission of monetary policy. Prior to joining the RBA, he held positions at the University of Sydney and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Brian received his PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2019.

Research Papers

  • Shields K and TD Tran (forthcoming) ‘Better Understanding How Uncertainty Impacts the Economy: insights from Internet Search Data on the Importance of Disaggregation’ Macroeconomic Dynamics.
  • Cross J, BH Nguyen and TD Tran (forthcoming) ‘The Role of Precautionary and Speculative Demand in the Global Market for Crude Oil’ Journal of Applied Econometrics.
  • Nguyen BH, T Okimoto and TD Tran (forthcoming) ‘Uncertainty-dependent and Sign-dependent Effects of Oil Market Shocks’ Journal of Commodity Markets.
  • Morley J, TD Tran and B Wong (2022) ‘The Decline in R* according from a Robust Multivariate Trend-Cycle Decomposition’ Centre of Applied Macroeconomic Analysis Working Paper.
  • Tran TD (2021) ‘The Macroeconomic Effects of Commodity Price Uncertainty’ Centre of Applied Macroeconomic Analysis Working Paper.
  • Tran TD, T Vehbi and B Wong (2019) ‘Measuring Uncertainty for New Zealand Using Data-Rich Approach’ Australian Economic Review, 52(3), pp 344–352.
  • Castelnuovo E and TD Tran (2017) ‘Google It Up! A Google Trends-based Uncertainty Index for the United States and Australia’ Economic Letters, 161, pp 149–153.