Council of Financial Regulators Annual Report – 2001 Appendix E

Speeches and Articles of Council Members

Copies of the following speeches and articles are published on the Internet site or available from the Information Office of the relevant agency – see page 22.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Thompson, G.J., On APRA's Plate, National Council Dinner of the Trustee Corporations Association of Australia, 26 March 2001.

Thompson, G.J., Address to the Biennial Conference of the National Council of the Trustee Corporations Association of Australia, 28 March 2001.

Thompson, G.J., Perils of the Prudential Regulator, Investment and Financial Services Association Annual Conference, 2 August 2001.

Thompson, G.J., APRA – Three Years On, Insurance Council of Australia Canberra Conference, 9 August 2001.

Thompson, G.J., Institutional Self-Regulation: What Should be the Role of the Regulator?, National Institute for Governance/PriceWaterhouseCoopers Legal Seminar, 8 November 2001.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Knott, D.W., Address to Deakin University – Conferral of Degrees Ceremony, Deakin University, 29 March .

Knott, D.W., What's in Store for the Corporate Cop, Australian Institute of Company Directors – Victorian Division, 3 May 2001.

Knott, D.W., Priorities for ASIC, Australian Institute of Company Directors – South Australian and Northern Territory Division, 23 May 2001.

Knott, D.W., Globalisation – the Increasing Needs for Cross Border Regulatory, American Chamber of Commerce, 24 July 2001.

Knott, D.W., Corporate Governance, Disclosure, Solicitors' Mortgages, Australian – Tasmanian Division, 8 August 2001.

Knott, D.W., Corporate Governance, Disclosure, and Education and Training, Australian Institute of Banking and Finance, 9 August 2001.

Knott, D.W., Corporate Governance – 1980's revisited?, Monash University, 23 August 2001.

Knott, D.W., Corporate Governance – Auditors, Prospectus Disclosure – Cold-Calling, Australian Shareholders Association – Victorian Council, 5 September 2001.

Knott, D.W., Corporate Governance, Bourse Talk, 13 September 2001.

Knott, D.W., Responding to the Challenges of the New Economy – Global Trends and Challenges and Responses in Developed Markets and Cross Border Regulation, Keynote Speech to Emerging Markets Programme Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 5 October 2001.

Knott, D.W., Corporate Governance – 1980's revisited?, Australian Institute of Company Directors – West Australian Division, 17 October 2001.

Johnston, I., Legal and Supervisory Framework for CIS, OECD Round Table on Capital Market Reform in ASIA, 11 April 2001.

Johnston, I., FSRB and Market Convergence, Part 3 New Disclosure Requirement, CEDA, 3 July 2001.

Johnston, I., Financial Services Reform Bill, Investment and Financial Services Association, 1 August 2001.

Johnston, I., ASIC Structure and the Financial Services Reform Bill, Tasmania Financial Service Providers, 7 August 2001.

Johnston, I., Corporate Responsibility, Institute of Business Leaders, 5 September 2001.

Johnston, I., Panel discussion: Superannuation Regulation Hypotheticals, Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, 21 September 2001.

Johnston, I., E-commerce and the Financial Services Reform Act, National Insurance Brokers Association, 7 October 2001.

Johnston, I., E-governance, CPA Congress 2001, 24 October 2001.

Johnston, I., Building Consumer Confidence in the FSRA, Insurance Council of Australia, 1 November 2001.

Segal, J., Brave New World or Return to Fundamentals, Corporate Law Teachers Association Conference, 12 February 2001.

Segal, J., Matters on ASIC's 2001 Agenda, Institutional Investor Asia-Pacific Institute “Australian Roadmap: Lessons from Down Under”, 1–2 March 2001.

Segal, J., Regulatory Initiatives by ASIC in the Cyber Age, Faculty of Law, University “Financial Markets and the Internet”, 31 May 2001.

Segal, J., Comments on Debra A Valentine's “Regulating in a High-Tech Marketplace – The Import for Remedies”, Australian Law Reform Commission Conference “Penalties: Policy, Principles & Practice in Government Regulation”, 7–9 June 2001.

Segal, J., Market Demutualisation and Privatisation: the Australian Experience, International Organisation of Securities Commissions Conference, 28 June 2001.

Segal, J., Directors' Duties in the Online Environment, Faculty of Law, University of “E-security and E-crime”, 19 July 2001.

Segal, J., ASIC – Plans for the Next Year, Insurance Council of Australia Annual

Segal, J., Everything the Company Director Must Know about Corporate Financial Disclosure & Continuous Disclosure, Australian Institute of Company Directors Conference “Governance & Disclosure – A Forum for Company Directors”,

Segal, J., Institutional Self-Regulation: What Should be the Role of the Regulator?, National Institute for Governance Twilight Seminar, 8 November 2001.

Segal, J., The Future of Corporate Regulation in Australia, 18th Annual Company' Conference “Mapping the Future”, 19 November 2001.

Segal, J., Managing the Transition to the Cyberworld, Companies and Securities Law Journal, Vol. 19, No.8, November 2001.

Reserve Bank of Australia

Grenville, S., Policy Dialogue in East Asia, Australian National University Conference on Regional Financial Arrangements in East Asia, 12–13 November 2001.

Macfarlane, I.J., Australia and the International Cycle, Australian Business Economists/Economic Society of Australia (NSW Branch) Forecasting Conference Dinner, 6 December 2001.

Stevens, G.R., Shifting Currents in the Global Economy, CEDA/Telstra Economic and Political Overview, 2 February 2001.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Bank Fees in Australia, July 2001.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Future Directions for Monetary Policy in East Asia, October 2001.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Electronic Trading in Australian Financial Markets, December 2001.

Reserve Bank of Australia, Reform of Credit Card Schemes in Australia – A Consultation Document, 14 December 2001.