Council of Financial Regulators Annual Report – 2000 Appendix E

Speeches and Articles of Council Members

Copies of the following speeches and articles are published on the Internet site or available from the Information Office of the relevant agency – see page 20.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Carmichael, J., The Australian Model of Integrated Regulation, IOSCO Conference, 17 May 2000.

Carmichael, J., Financial Regulation in the 21st Century, PACAP-FMA Conference, 6 July 2000.

Carmichael, J., Financial Sector Reform and Prudential Regulation in Australia, China Australia Economic and Financial Market Developments Symposium 2000, 1 September 2000.

Karp, T., The ICA, Canberra and General Insurance, ICA Canberra Conference, 15 August 2000.

Thompson, G.J., The Prudential Regulator of the Future, Munich Reinsurance Company of Australasia Limited Senior Executives Seminar, 21 August 2000.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Cameron, A., The Effect of Harmonisation on the Regulator and Regulation, Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) seminar ‘CLERP 6 – Government's Blueprint for a Single Regulatory Regime’, 11 February 2000.

Cameron, A., The State of the Regulator and the Regulations – ASIC and CLERP, Corporate Law Teachers Association Conference, 12 February 2000.

Cameron, A., The Business of Australia is…, Victoria Graduate School of Business at Victoria University, 23 March 2000.

Cameron, A., Market Integrity – Issues Relating to ASIC's Role and Actions, ASIC at Congress 2000, Group of 100 Inc, 29 March 2000.

Cameron, A., The Managed Investments Act – an Update, National Council of the Trustee Corporations Association of Australia, 31 March 2000.

Cameron, A., Developments in the Financial Services Industry: Investor Protection in the New Economy and CLERP 6, Melbourne Chapter of the Financial Planning Association of Australia Ltd, 30 May 2000.

Knott, D.W., Regulatory Approaches to Demutualisation of Exchanges, US Commodity Futures Training Commission, International Regulators Meeting, 15 March 2000.

Knott, D.W., Current Superannuation Issues, Australian Institute of Actuaries, 26 May 2000.

Knott, D.W., Regulatory Issues Impacting on Insolvency, National Conference of the Insolvency Practitioners Association of Australia (IPAA), 13 October 2000.

Segal, J., Regulation for On-line Trading, AIC Conference Australasian Forum, 31 July 2000.

Segal, J., ASIC Issues: an Update on the Last 12 Months, Insurance Council of Australia, 10 August 2000.

Segal, J., E-commerce and Financial Services, ASIC Melbourne E-Commerce Seminar, 16 October 2000.

Segal, J., Trends in the Regulation of Financial Markets and their Participants – a Regulator's Perspective, International Swaps and Derivatives Association/Australian Financial Markets Association Conference, 19 October 2000.

Segal, J., Monitoring the Self-Regulatory Landscape, Financial Services Consumer Conference 2000, 9 November 2000.

Segal, J., Managing the Transition to Cyberworld, Third Annual Asian Financial Law Conference, 20 November 2000.

Reserve Bank of Australia

Battellino, R., Australian Financial Markets: Looking Back and Looking Ahead, Australian Finance and Capital Markets Conference, 24–25 February 2000.

Gizycki, M. and Lowe, P., The Australian Financial System in the 1990s, RBA Conference on “The Australian Economy in the 1990s”, 24–25 July 2000.

Grenville, S., Globalisation and the International Financial Architecture: Writing (and Righting) the Rules, CEDA Gold Series Dinner, 29 June 2000.

Grenville, S., Notes on East Asian Financial Co-operation, ANU International Conference on Financial Markets and Policies in East Asia, 4 September 2000.

Veale, J.M., The Payments System and the Law: Some Points of Intersection, Banking Law Conference, Monash University, 27 October 2000.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, The Impact of Y2K on Financial Markets in Australia, January 2000.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Foreign Exchange Exposures of Australian Banks, August 2000.