Council of Financial Regulators Annual Report – 1999 Appendix E

Speeches and Articles of Council Members

Copies of the following speeches and articles are published on the Internet site or available from the Information Office of the relevant agency – see page 22.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Carmichael, J., The Framework for Financial Supervision in China: Macro and Micro Issues, Strengthening the Banking System: Issues and Experience Conference, 1 March 1999.

Carmichael, J., Regulation as an Exercise in Risk Management, Institute of Actuaries of Australia, 8 November 1999.

Thompson, G.J., Navigating the New Framework – APRA, RBA, ASIC and ACCC, Law Institute of Victoria, 10 May 1999.

Thompson, G.J., APRA – The First Year, CEDA, 9 June 1999.

Thompson, G.J., APRA – Into our Second Year, CPA Insurance Industry Day, 27 September 1999.

Thompson, G.J., Emerging Global and Regional Factors – Implications for Regulation, An Australian Perspective, International Symposium on Enhancing Life Insurance Regulatory Regimes in Asia, 17 November 1999.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Cameron A., Core Issues for Directors: “Balancing Conformance with Performance – Building Trust Between Directors, Regulators and Community”, Australian Institute of Company Directors, 23 March 1999.

Cameron A., Major Challenges in Financial Regulation at the End of the Decade, Monash Law School Foundation Lecture, 6 May 1999.

Cameron A., The Commission and The Panel, Corporations and Securities Panel, 8 June 1999.

Cameron A., Regulating a Global Market, Australian Institute of International Affairs, 6 July 1999.

Cameron A., The 10 Corporate Commandments Every CEO Should Know, Investment and Financial Services Association 99 Conference, 21 July 1999.

Cameron A., Key Regulatory Developments and Issues, Insurance Council of Australia Conference, 12 August 1999.

Cameron A., Global and Regional Regulatory Challenges: Enhancing Life Insurance Regulatory Regimes in Asia, 17 November 1999.

Segal, J., Superannuation in the New Regulatory Environment, Superannuation 1999, National Conference for Lawyers, 26 February 1999.

Segal J., The Perspective of a Regulator on Alternative Dispute Resolution Schemes, Banking Ombudsmen & Financial Services Complaint Handling Schemes Conference, 10 March 1999.

Reserve Bank of Australia

Grenville, S.A., Financial Crises and Globalisation, The Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee Conference, 15 July 1999.

Grenville, S.A., The International Reform Agenda: Unfinished Business, William M. Mercer's Global Investment Forum, 6 December 1999.

Laker, J.F., The Role of the Payments System Board, AIC Conference on Australian Payments System Evolution, 16 June 1999.

Laker, J.F., Monitoring Financial System Stability, 52nd International Banking Summer School, 1 September 1999.

Laker, J.F., The Reserve Bank of Australia – Post Wallis, Keynote Lecture to Monash University Law School Foundation, 28 October 1999.

Macfarlane, I.J., The Stability of the Financial System, RC Mills Memorial Lecture, 29 July 1999.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Demutualisation in Australia, January 1999.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Recent Developments in Interest Rates and Bank Lending, April 1999.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, The Role of Exchange Settlement Accounts, April 1999.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Bank Fees in Australia, June 1999.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Consumer Credit and Household Finances, June 1999.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Capital Flows and the International Financial System, November 1999.